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How to Be a CHALLENGE to a Woman


How to Be a Challenge to a Woman

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This article is going to give you some of the best challenging lines and vibes you can give attractive women that will get them EXTREMELY turned on.

Listen up brothers, girls love a man who knows how to be a challenge.

Understanding and utilizing body language is crucial in creating attraction.

Are you ready to learn how to be a challenge with girls? Are you ready for Adam's favorite way of higher status flirting?

This article is going to give you some of the best challenging lines and vibes you can give girls that will get them EXTREMELY turned on. 

By being a challenge, you set yourself apart from everyone else trying to court her. Once you understand that, to an attractive woman, cool guys are SCARCE, then dating beautiful women becomes easier than dating average-looking girls, because you're one of the few men who can talk to attractive women without supplicating.

Being always there for the woman in your life could give her the impression that you're needy and desperate. And this is the last thing you'd want to happen.

Listen up brothers, girls love a man that knows how to be a challenge. Girls can sense a confident, challenging man.

Challenge with Non-Reactivity

Often, I see guys do this stupid shit. It’s called reaction-seeking behavior. And I’ll be honest, when I started doing this about 7 years ago, I did it too.

But now, because I do my Internal Validation Visualization from my hardcover book 77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset…

I literally could give a single FUCK if I get good or bad feedback. If she doesn’t like the fun challenge I am, she’s just a bitch. Yup, I’ve convinced myself that.

Learning how to relate to attractive women, if you don't have a lot of experience with them, is difficult to master, but we can show you how.

That's why I wrote Closer's Guide to Seduction. In this book, I discuss how to start communicating with attractive women in a challenging and masculine way.

So here’s what men will do, they will search for a reaction. The flashy shit. Did she just blink? Does that mean she’s attracted? Did she lick her lips?

Is that tension? She’s touching her hair now. Is that tension?

The mere fact that you are looking for any reaction makes you low value.

Listen to me, all of you reading this article…

If you are reaction seeking, you will kill all sexual tension. Write that down.

She knows that she has found a guy like you who makes her feel amazing and she has got something to lose now.

She needs to improve herself and impress you, otherwise you may lose interest in her.

So here’s the first way on how to be a challenge with girls…

Push Back Challenges

So if I meet a younger girl, and I don’t know her age, I may say something like…

“You know what, you look like you’re 21, maybe even 19.”

She says, “Really?”

And I’m like, “Yeah you look really young, like I don’t know, maybe it’s just because you’re so innocent-looking, maybe its just cause you look really innocent. You just come off as innocent and really naïve, and it’s kind of cute.”

They don’t want to be called innocent. This sets an expectation that triggers cognitive dissonance.

So if I make a comment calling her, *“Innocent and naïve,” *obviously, this is going to push her to blend in to my mold.

Meaning she is following my lead. This is why it works. I’m not just making blanket statements my friends, go test this out, seriously, and you will see it work for you.

“Yeah, you just come across as very young, it’s probably because you’re just such an innocent girl.”

Do you see how this can come across as a challenge to girls? Fun shit. I love girls and their feminine energy :-))

However, if she's being difficult, not available for dates or canceling them, not responding to texts or phone calls. Stop chasing her.

Challenging Questions to Ask Girls

Powerful questions to ask girls. Sexual questions to ask girls. Let’s get right to it shall we? Have you been through my article Easiest Way to Get Laid?

I encourage you to remember from that article, I state very clearly, flirting is you playing hard to get brothers…

Let’s say you travel for work, my man Steven, shout out to this legend, girl magnet that charming badass. Here’s something you can use…

“You know I’m new to this part of town… I’ve noticed that a lot of the girls here are really kind of prude, and they’re not that much fun and they’re all listening to their parents and everything their parents taught them when they were young. You don’t fit in that mold do you?”

The point is that when you challenge, you spark that conflict between you two.

Conflict and tension will always win.

“When was the last time you were really jealous? And why?”

“What’s the sneakiest trick you play on guys to attract them?

“What do you value most in someone you’re sleeping with?

These are some very good questions to ask girls to get to know them and challenge them to think about their sexuality.

It's also important not to reveal everything about yourself on the first few dates, as it ruins the mystery and excitement of getting to know each other.

Cocky Funny Vibes is How to Challenge Girls

This is when your masculine mindset coach has his most fun with girls.

I love being playfully cocky. It’s my favorite style of game. Shout out to Double Your Dating.

“I love me, I just like mirrors in general, all mirrors are just cool with me, I just love my sexy self.”

This is how to charm women fast. Why does it spark tension?

Should I even elaborate? Ok. Let’s go…

Girls often think in the back of their heads… “Who does this guy think he is? I have to make sure he is who he says he is.”

Understanding how a woman feels in these moments is crucial. She might feel intrigued but also wants to ensure you're genuine.

At this point, she may test your playful cockiness. Be PLAYFUL brothers.

Maybe she might say, “You seem kinda cocky.”

Just respond with, “I know.”

Charming shit brothers! I’ve seen girls face turn red when I do this.

Then she will laugh. “You look really nice tonight.”

Just respond back with, “I know.”

Maybe she even says, “You’re really funny.”

You know how to respond to that right? :-))

BOOM. Onward we roll…

Qualify & Challenge Girls

There is something called Social Norm Dominance. [R]

Social norms bias, it’s basically the same shit. Often when you bring up certain topics, girls will want to follow your lead.

Social Norm Dominance states that often people will want to behave what they think is correct in social norms and what they believe is accepted in the social situation.

Here’s how we can leverage this brothers and start talking about sex. Getting girls comfortable and attracted first, that matters before you bring it up. Mastering these techniques can significantly improve your dating life.

“Have you’ve ever noticed how weird some people get about sex? It’s so strange even today in the 21st century some people still get weird about it.”

You’ve just did some pacing & leading. Good job.

Make sure she agrees first, then start leading…

When girls agree, that means she’s qualified herself to you.

“You really enjoy sex and all of the variety, don’t you? No worries, you can tell me, I won’t judge anything you like to do. But let me be clear, I don’t think you can handle me.” Smirk confidently.

Get her qualifying, then challenge her. Powerful shit brothers. Steal this.

More qualifying and challenging lines that you can use brothers...

"Don't worry if you start to feel nervous, I don't expect you to handle me anyways."

"You have no idea who you're dealing with, do you only know like five sex positions?"

"Honestly, I can't believe you made me think these dirty thoughts of you. But to be real with you, I don't think you can sexually handle me."

Qualifying Questions You Can Use with Girls

Report: Discover How To Seal the Deal with Girls

I covered challenging questions, cocky funny vibes, now it’s time to discuss qualifying questions that you my friend must use…

Y’all missed out on getting your copy of Hilarious Lines and Evil Cold Reads.

You’re all lucky that I’m going to reveal only ONE of the qualifying sequences.

“I take it that you are a very bad girl, aren’t you?”

That is an excellent qualifying question. Ask when you see sexual attraction signs.

Remember when you qualify girls, you make them chase you.

“Like I bet underneath all of the social niceties, you are a free spirit in the bedroom. So what’s it like being such a naughty girl?”

That’s all I’m revealing from that manual. In a long term relationship, it’s important to maintain a challenge and not be controlled by your partner's expectations. Here are some more qualifying questions, This positions you as a challenge.

“You’re definitely a rebel I can tell. How’s that working for you?”

“You seem very comfortable with me.”

“Are you adventurous and spontaneous?”

“What’s your ideal vacation spot? And why?”

“How good of a kisser are you?”

Let’s move on to the Starfish Test.

Challenge Her to The Starfish Test

You don't want to sleep with a starfish, do you? Good. I'm glad. 

Remember social norm dominance. Get her talking about sex FIRST.

Introduce this test as a fun game to play.

“Have you ever been challenged to the starfish test before?”

The first question is…

“Do you ever watch porn by yourself?”

Remember, this introduces sex right away. Eliminate any limiting beliefs about seduction.

She will tell you if you have the balls to be bold and hold your ground.

The second question…

“What’s your secret move to turn a guy on?”

Damn, this is getting steamy for her to think about. She has no choice but to QUALIFY when thinking about her answer.

The third question is the question you’ve wanted to ask the entire time ;-))

The reason for the first two is simple, you need to warm her up.

Massive mistake, you go 0 to 100. Fucking horrible and this is how you will come across as a pig. Don’t do that.

“What’s your favorite position to get fucked in?”

Ah shit, I forget about my player reputation. Ha.

If she knows the answer immediately, she is adventurous and a free thinker. She is good in the sack.

If she doesn’t know the answer, then she is a boring starfish.

Not maintaining a challenge can make a woman lose respect for you.

Some girls may not want to tell you, and just remember, if that happens, it means she is fighting against her urges.

Because if she does tell you, they’re getting very turned on. And if they tell you, that means that they’re basically saying they want to fuck you.

Some girls will giggle and blush. They might even play coy for a second.

How to be a challenge with girls, that’s right, it’s time you show her what’s up.

“Seriously, you can tell me. Don’t worry, it’s not like you have a shot with me anyways. I’d have to show you the ropes and get you up to a higher level before we go there.”

Now you are a sexual challenge. Super fucking hot. You need to tell her what it means if she answers correctly ;-))

You’re going to say, “It means you are adventurous sexually, and you have a higher sex drive than normal.”

Framing her for being sexual. Fuck yes.

The Takeaway: How to Be a Challenge

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This article is inspired by a podcast I just recorded called How to Be a Sexy Challenge with Girls.

And it’s not even released yet. I encourage you to use everything in this article.

For example, I recently acted cocky in front of a woman named Penelope and she kept flirting with me, then I asked her a qualifying question.

Lately, she has started FLIRTING with me sexually. Here’s what I want to say to all of you…

If any of this makes you nervous, then I suggest you start out with the push back challenges.

Slowly work your way up to social norm dominance. Be normal. Be fun and be a challenge, not like every other guy. I love you David D’Angelo.

This article is my tribute to the legendary pick-up artist.

Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. And you fucking got this brother. See you legends next time.

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