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How To Cultivate HEALTHY Narcissism


How To Cultivate HEALTHY Narcissism

I'm willing to bet that you came across this article and thought to yourself, what the actual fuck is this guy suggesting? 

How the hell is narcissism even remotely healthy? How is this is a good thing? 

How the FUCK does healthy narcissism exist? This just sounds wrong. I'd never want to cultivate healthy narcissism. 

In fact, I've heard this from people I personally know that challenge my viewpoint on healthy narcissism. I always tell them, don't you ever always think of yourself?

They always respond to me, "Yes." Then I say back to them...

That right there is narcissistic. They can challenge me all they want. Throughout this article, I'm going to reframe this term that gets a bad spin from everyone.

So here's the number one question people ask me...

Does Healthy Narcissism Exist?

Here's the short answer, yes it does exist. In fact, I recommend you read this fascinating article from Entrepreneur.

You'll find that healthy narcissism is a thing and you shouldn't feel guilty if you exhibit behaviors of narcissism.  

Obviously, if you are a fucking bully and you put other people down for the hell of it with no PURPOSE behind it, then you are just being a bully. 

Often you will read my articles and I'm sure I've come across as really harsh and putting people down that don't take action. 

You see, it's very simple, I make no apologies for motivating my readers to take courageous action, but you see, I have a purpose behind it. 

My purpose is very simple, I am extremely passionate to get men in the towards-driven mindset to laser focus on their fitness goals.

Entitlement is Not A Bad Thing

You knew this was coming. Especially if you are a listener of my podcast Masculine Mindset Show.

I encourage men to be self-entitled. However, this doesn't mean mean you contemplate the perfect approach, because as you know, perfectionism is a cock-block.

Here's the thing my friend, being self-entitled is frowned upon. But I'm here to tell you the fucking facts...


How can I say that? How can I make a big statement? Well, it's very simple, look around you...

Women are more self-entitled than ever. They don't shy away from making it clear that they measure a man's value on how they want a six foot tall guy, making six figures of income, and they don't fucking care. 

But as you know, attraction is not a choice. It is literally involuntary. That's why you gotta stop taking personally what they say they want logically.

Entitlement is simply putting yourself first. And it's a good thing. Don't feel bad if you want to put yourself first.

Healthy Narcissism is a Subtle Mindset Shift

Obviously, we all know malignant narcissism is a great song by the band Rush, but more importantly, all jokes aside...

Don't take this mindset shift I'm giving you to the extreme and become the genuine asshole that most women think they can fix in to a good guy.

Let's face it, even though I can come across as a jerk sometimes on my podcast, deep down I care a lot about my listener's and readers. 

Here is the mindset shift that healthy narcissism can do for you...

Your perception of yourself is so fucking high value that you laugh at every rejection and shit test women say to you. 

This is the healthiest way to deal with rejection. Even if a guy challenges you, just look at him like he just complimented you.

Grandiose self-view is what I am getting at here my friends. Don't take this too far and start acting like a bully or a literal psychopath. Make sense? Awesome.

Impulse Control is Healthy Narcissism

If there is one thing I've known throughout my life, I have known several addicts that I will leave nameless for the sake of privacy and respect. 

Here's the biggest takeaway I must tell you about healthy narcissism...

Narcissists are impulsive. Not only are they impulsive, but they are often addicts and the reason they are addicts is because of their mental state.

So they turn to drugs to get in a better state. This is why I am literally proving my point by sharing to you this video. 

Everyone are narcissists. This is why people troll on social media, and hide behind an anonymous comment. They don't want to be seen. 

But as you already know, trolling for the sake of attention is FUCKING FEMININE. Not at all a masculine behavior.

So here's the biggest point to this section, instead of being a fucking bully, going on TikTok and spreading hate.

Don't be a malignant narcissist. Have the grandiose self-image of a narcissist. But let me take this one step further...

Control your impulses. Have the discipline to stop your addictive behaviors. Narcissists are addicted to getting attention. That's the down side of narcissism. 

Control Your Anger 

Get mad at yourself for getting mad at others. Get mad at your own emotions. 

Ask yourself why are you mad bro? I often do this with myself frequently. 

The more you control your anger, the more you man the fuck up. 

In fact, this is important my friend. People can and will get scared if you show them how powerful your masculine frame can get. 

This is a learning lesson I am currently going through. In fact, I am taking full ownership of the fact that I've swung far in to the asshole direction.

Understand that you must show yourself that you can master your emotions. Instead of letting that power that you have get to your fucking head. 

This whole section is a message to myself to remind myself that not being angry is the mark of a calm and composed man.

Don't Concern Yourself With Time Wasters

This one is actually way more important than what people realize. Most people have a hard time letting other's go. 

Again, I'm speaking to myself just as much as I am speaking to you. Some people are easier to drop than other's. 

But the all-important point is to not give in to other people's potential manipulations. 

Take note here you guys, this is something narcissists are good at. They are VERY GOOD at getting what they want. 

I am actually treading on light water when I say this because I don't encourage you to manipulate anyone. More importantly, I am encouraging you to GUARD YOURSELF. 

Now do you see why healthy narcissism can and will improve your life? Obviously, don't try to control anyone, because when you pull that possessive bullshit...

It never works. Instead, don't concern yourself with time wasters. 

Healthy Narcissism Takeaway

The whole big point behind this article is for you to get an insight of why narcissists are damn good at being selfish. 

In fact, as I said earlier, self-entitlement is not at all a bad thing. But here's when it becomes a problem...

It becomes a problem when you aren't cognizant of other people's well-being. You talk down on people for no good reason and no purpose.

In fact, the real big takeaway that I learned about cultivating healthy narcissism is simply having the self-discipline to pull away when you WANT to talk down. 

Then it becomes cynical superiority. And that is unhealthy narcissism. Again, malignant narcissism is what you don't want. If you have lack of remorse, that's a big problem there. 

Having the self-discipline to control yourself to stop doing the shit that you want to do is in my humble opinion HIGHLY MASCULINE. 

Feel comfortable to comment below with any comments, questions, and concerns. And go follow my podcast as I drop episodes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. See you soon!

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