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5 Best Ways to Gain Back Muscle Quickly


5 Best Ways to Gain Back Muscle Quickly

You are going to learn five fast ways to gain back muscle in this article. But before I get to the exercises themselves, it's important to address supplementation immediately.

Before you go in to the gym, you have to understand that consuming pre-workout before your workout is your secret weapon to maximizing your energy so you can expend more energy during the exercises which can get you to your goals faster. 

But I want to make something abundantly clear, do not fall for the overpriced supplements that rob you of your money.

I'm telling you through experience, this is the most common mistake that I see all guys do and that I have done myself. They buy C4, Total War, Bang, and these little habits add up over time. Be smart and let's save you some money.

I strongly recommend that you get Bucked Up. Why? Because it contains AlphaSize GPC clinically proven to sharpen your focus.

You don't get this in C4, Total War, and Bang. You are wasting money and when you buy in bundle's, it will last longer.

With that said, now let's get in to the good shit. Here is the first and in my opinion, the most effective way to build your upper back!

Barbell Shrugs & Face Pulls

I absolutely love these two exercises as I implement this superset in my shoulders and traps classes.

So here is why heavy shrugs is so damn good for your upper back:

  • It builds your trapezius muscles
  • It improves neck pain [R]
  • When you perform this exercise frequently, you will have improved posture.

 You want to incorporate Face Pulls after heavy training as this is how to hit the traps followed by your upper back, meaning you are going to get fast results!

I want to tell you why Face Pulls are so damn amazing for your upper back.

  • You improve rear shoulder stability and strength.
  • You can use this as a warm-up to prepare for Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, and Lat Pulldowns
  • You are correcting muscle imbalances in the rear deltoids.

So here's what we can conclude, when you perform Shrugs and Face Pulls, you are essentially improving posture, strengthening the traps and rear delts, overall improving shoulder stability.

A home alternative if you don't have access to a smith machine is for you to buy a set of weights and perform dumbbell shrugs.

For the home alternative for Face Pulls are a resistance band with a door attachment. You want to set it up so it's at the top of the doorway.


Whether you hate them or love them, this exercise is literally the mother of all body weight exercises.

You cannot build your back without performing this move! 

So don't overlook pull-ups as this is a true demonstration of upper body strength.

Don't act like a baby and think kipping pull-ups is a pull-up because it's not.

As a fitness trainer I've had to correct several classmates and clients when I spot them doing this wrong.

Here's what I see all the time. Guys will half ass pull-ups thinking they are actually doing a pull-up. This is called kipping.


What kipping is, is it's unnecessary body english that makes the exercise harder on the body.

When you kip pull-ups, you aren't working the back, you work the arms and it tires them out quicker. 

So I want you to watch this demonstration on how to perform the assisted pull-up.

Don't try to show off upper body strength you don't have to look cool.

I've seen this one too many times and people get hurt. This is not an ego competition. Safety is number one.

The next most important point is to prepare to perform unassisted pull-ups before you start doing them unassisted.

So here is what I want you to do.

  • Do a dead-arm hang for as long as you can.
  • Train your core by doing the exercises in this video.
  • Go to the pull-up assist machine and focus on slowing down the eccentric part of the exercise.

This is going to help you get better at pull-ups significantly.

The last and most important tip I want to give you is to stop crossing the legs when you are able to perform pull-ups.

Weighted Chin-Ups

This next exercise is hand's down the most advanced exercise in this entire article.

I prefer that you've mastered pull-ups where you can perform at least 25 unassisted pull ups before doing this exercise. 

Get good at chin curls before doing this exercise. Don't hurt yourself.

It will significantly help you get the most out of the exercise so that you get used to the correct muscle driven movements.

Now here's what I mean by a chin curl, I mean you grab a pull-up bar at a supinated hand grip, and then you basically do a bicep curl from your elbows at  90 degree's up to the bar.

Want to know how to build arm strength with just your body weight?

This is the move that you want to incorporate, especially if you want more strength in your arms!

Now that you know the pre-requisite exercise, it's time you see the demonstration of the weighted chin-up.

I recommend that you only start out with ten pounds. 

You want to perform at least 8 to 10 chin-ups with no weight at all.

Then when you add the weight, this becomes a bigger movement for your back because of the added weight. Decrease the reps to 5 reps. Don't over do it.

Find a belt in your gym and grab a ten pound plate, then attach the belt around your mid-section and wrap the plate on the chain and attach it like you would a belt on your pants.

 Underhand Lat Pulldown

This next style of training I am telling you about is called Concentric Training. It is shortening of the muscle.

Eccentric is the lengthening of the muscle, in which the muscles are forced to elongate.

Many people do negative 'eccentrics' when lifting weights.

So what is concentric training?

It's the positive portion of all exercises. Since you already know that the muscles elongate eccentrically, you know that it's shortened concentrically.

I am telling you about this because I strongly urge you to use this exercise in the way that I tell you to do it in this video.

Why train concentrically?

Because this is how you fire up the lats by creating strong lactic acid and eliminating the eccentric part of the exercise, meaning you aren't getting a whole lot of muscle break down.

So we can take an advantage of this by doing 50 reps. Watch this video I describe everything in greater detail and how to perform the exercise effectively.

The most important part on how to perform this exercise effectively and efficiently is to squeeze your lats and drive the elbows down.

I want to give you one big tip to maximize results. Trust me you will feel this!

I recommend that in between sets, let's say for example you do 5 sets of 10, hold the bar at the top (don't let go) and let the weight of the stack fire up your back after you reach 10 reps! 

Why this move is important is because you build your lats, especially at a slower tempo on the concentric.

This exercise alone implemented by body builders all across the world!


You cannot have a complete back workout with the deadlift. This is the king of all compound movements. How you don't kill your lower back is by making sure you are always tightening your transverse abdominus.

That is the muscle you use to go to the bathroom, to speak very bluntly. I strongly advise you incorporate deadlifts when training your back.

I will explain in greater detail how to prepare and execute this exercise in a little bit.

Understand that this is where you are going to make the majority of your back gains stick.

Without deadlifting, you are literally missing a critical link to back training.

First before you pick up the bar, I recommend you do side lunges to loosen up your lower body.

Keep your arms straight (like a straight arm push-down) as you bend down towards the bar but keep your chest and eyes up.

By now, you should feel your hamstrings fired up, if not, then you aren't doing it right.

Hip hinge towards the knees, then when you get to the knee point, this is where you bend the knees to grab the bar. 

Then as you grab the bar, treat the ground like a leg press when your knees are bent.

Then when you get to the knee point with the bar, you want to hinge at the hips back up.

That's how to deadlift effectively.

With that said, I want you to watch this video here so that you know what not to do when deadlifting.


Now that I have given you five fast ways to gain back muscle, I want to lay out how you can incorporate all of these exercises in one routine.

  • Perform is a Heavy Deadlift Set for 6 to 8 Reps.
  • Do the assisted pull-up machine for 12 Reps. (Do not kip if you choose to do unassisted.)
  • Go back to one more Deadlift Set for 6 Reps only. That means pick a VERY heavy weight.
  • Then do a weighted chin-up set for only 5 Reps. (Focus on Quality Repetitions)
  • Do three super sets of Barbell Shrugs followed by Face Pulls.
  • For the finisher, perform 5 sets of 10 Reps of the Lat Pulldown focusing on the slow concentric movement.

Now that I laid out a back workout for you to follow, it's time for you to take action. Your back gains are awaiting, sitting around doesn't work.

Take action, inside the masculine mind is pure focus, determination, and persistence.

If you want a week workout protocol to gaining muscle size, I strongly recommend going through this article.

I believe in you, but you have to believe in you. So take instant action man.

Motivation is fucking useless when you don't have the drive to go to the gym.

Just show up, get the shit done, and you will feel better.

Thanks for checking out my guide to getting back muscle, I genuinely hope you will take action because success loves speed.

As always leave comments and follow me on Instagram at MasculineMindsetCoach.

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