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How To Master Flirting With Your Eyes and Charm Women FAST


Smiling and master flirting is powerful
Smiling while flirting with women is powerful

How To Master Flirting With Your Eyes and Charm Women FAST

After reading this article, you are guaranteed to master flirting with your eyes and charm women effortlessly!

There are many types of flirting and takes many forms and people will often employ more than one type of eye contact flirting.

I absolutely love flirting with women and using wittiness to charm them. You are also going to learn how to develop wit. I’m going to give you tactical ways to gaze at a girls eyes.

And I’ll go through several examples of verbal flirting if you’re dating some girls. Eye contact matters in flirting my friends.

Brother, this is your homework before we get in to the tangibles. Go to a mirror and practice your eye contact. Stare at yourself if you must.

Most people don’t even take the time to practice eye contact. Most people are nervous. How you stop being self conscious is you talk to girls, but starting out, just stare at yourself.

Hold eye contact when staring at yourself. The reason I want you to do this is to get comfortable and practice!

You don’t have to believe in love at first sight, however, from my reference experiences, making eye contact and having a good smile works.

Flirting With Eyes is ATTRACTIVE

Find Your Flirtatious Eye Contact

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Start to using your eyes to get a woman’s attention. Especially if you two are dating.

Smile at her and glance at her. Show her some interest but don’t wait around acting like she’s going to approach.

That also doesn’t mean stare for a long time. Have common sense, don’t overstay your welcome with your eyes. You can have locked eyes, however, don’t stare for any more than 5 seconds.

Did you know that eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with women?

You’d be wise to put this in your flirting game. Casually glance at women’s eye’s and smirk.

Think of it like pair bonding, you are building nonverbal rapport! This is attractive to women my friend.

This is why I told you to develop your flirtatious look. This will do a number of things:

  • It will show the woman you’re looking at how interested you are.
  • If you see her pupils dilate, that means she’s attracted!
  • When you maintain eye contact, it shows confidence!

So here’s how you find your flirtatious eye contact, you look in people’s eyes.

You’ll find that the more you look in people’s eyes, it will help you get better at holding eye contact.

Here’s one last thing I want to mention, do not overthink eye contact as this put’s you in your head.

As I said higher status flirting article, it’s important to get out of your head and meditate to binaural beats. Now here’s a massive caveat to this article…

Do not, under any circumstances, just stare at someone for long periods of time without breaking the gaze

Now, are you ready to learn how to flirt and charm girls effectively? It’s important to get good with flirting but avoid staring. Let’s start with hilarious flirting…

 Flirting With Eyes Mixed Signal’s Approach


Your nonverbals communicate everything to the opposite energy polarity #masculinity #datingtips

♬ original sound – Adam Skoda

This is fucking awesome and one of my favorite ways to approach a woman cold, it’s very funny and you are going to get a good reaction out of it, trust me on this one!!!

First off, less address your body language. You want to come across like you’re comfortable in your environment, like you are grounded and calm. It’s time to talk to her and have a conversation.

That means make sure you’re ready to do this. It’s very simple, you walk up to a woman confidently, like you own the place. Now here’s what you do…

  1. “Hi, I’m >>YOUR NAME HERE<< I’m extremely depressed” (say this next line with a flirtatious look) “You have this vibe about you, like you can help me with my midlife crisis, can you help me?” (Have a slight smirk)
  2. “Hi, I’m >>YOUR NAME HERE<< I might seem confident on the outside, but I’m actually really shy on the inside” (look at her with seductive eyes) “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Fuck if I’ve known you’d laugh, I’d say you are trying to make me laugh.” 

Make sure you sound witty, not insecure as it can have the wrong effect if your tone is off.

“I’m shy, but I’m kinda intrigued by your eyes. Are you trying to say something? (say it with wit)

What is this, like did you REALLY think you can get away with looking at me like that? You gotta stop making me weak in the knees, they’ll bust off and I will have knee issues and I’m going to hold you accountable!”

Eye Contact Secret to Charm Women

Make eye contact, look in the sweet spot, the third eye (that’s the spot in the middle of the eyes.)

Then after this, takeaway attention with your eyes, which get’s her chasing! You can’t always win all your eye contact flirting games.

But if you learn how to dilate your pupils, and even practice this with your best friend, you’ll realize very fast that this is an extremely powerful way to build tension.

The signals you send can make things complicated. When you maintain attentive eye contact, like you are paying close attention to her, this turns women on fast.

A good resource to check out is The Science of Flirting: Deciphering Subtle Signals Research shows flirting is difficult to detect, but there are ways to improve.

However, avoid these inappropriate gestures when making eye contact: having a creepy vibe, staring too long, and just being socially mis-calibrated.

Future Pace Play Fight

The Flirtatious Psychic

Ever heard of pacing and leading? This is in NLP and it’s extremely effective with women!

It positions you like you are a psychic. This is REALLY cool shit!

Future pacing is pacing her reality by talking about what’s going to happen in the future.

Let’s say you chat it up with a woman named Jessica. You two meet and things are going well.

“So Jessica, after conversing with you for quite some time, I get the feeling that you are a very confident woman but with big goals, am I right?”

She complies and says “yes.” You want to say “tell me some of your goals, like where do you want to travel five years from now?”

“Let’s say for instance, we both travel to Europe for our fifth anniversary.” (say it jokingly and with wit)

“We are both in Barcelona, Spain. We are walking on the beach as the waves are crashing and we put a towel on the sand. As we sit and eat, these noisy kids come by and they interrupt us. You had to take the food out of the cooler and throw our dinner at the kids.

Look at her deeply and confidently say the next sequence to the person you’re talking to.

Then I start throwing food at your face and the whole thing escalates. Honestly, I don’t know if I can take you on these nice trips anymore without having a food fight. I don’t know if we can continue this friendship with how things keep escalating.” 

When looking at someone’s eyes, remember that holding your frame with your eye contact with the opposite sex is powerful. This builds a TON of attraction brothers!

If you’re at a party or just want someone to know you’re interested in some flirty fun, follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Mindset of a Seducer with Flirtatious Eyes


@masculinemindsetcoach Taken from my podcast How to Flirt with Girls on Spotify #podcast #flirting #datingtips #blogger ♬ original sound – Adam Skoda

Get in to that state of mind where you feel seductive. Get in to a flirty state of mind.

She will get turned on. Let me tell you a story about this…

Three years ago (fuck it was awhile), I took Emily out to Panera Bread, then we started the eye contact flirting.

Seduction requires two people to happen, write that down.

Give her the look of pure desire and that is “You have no idea want I want to do.”

That was the look I gave her, it was beautiful. I clearly charmed her and it was on.

Wanna know something about that story?

Emily never forgot, she even told me how it seemed like time stopped.

Here’s the point brothers, I want you to lock eyes with girls. What they find attractive is you make eye contact for a few seconds. Never have a lingering look, but have a flirtatious look in your eyes.

Eye contact is that important. Use attention with your eyes and takeaway attention with your eyes.

Don’t Corrupt My Brain ;-))

Here’s what you do, charm her with that piercing ‘you don’t even want to know’ look.

I like to put her hair behind her ears, and then say this, “please stop corrupting my brain with your seductive eyes.”

Then look at her lips and back up to her eyes, it’s called the upside down triangle.

It’s a strong push by you saying that, and you pull her in by looking at her lips.

Let’s start covering push pull and how this works in to flirting with your eyes.

This is eerily similar to escalate and release. Just remember, be socially savvy and fun.

Maintain Eye Contact with Verbal High Status Flirting

Push/Pull that shit to the MAX! This is where it will be powerful to have prolonged eye contact.

Tell her, “honestly, I can’t kiss you right now, because I’m clearly too much for you.”

Gaze at her eyes first before you say that. Glance at her mouth.

Some more variations you can play around with:

  • “Don’t corrupt me, I want to maintain my innocence.”
  • “Stop being like that, I want to maintain a clean record for having sex one time a year.”
  • “Don’t charm me with your eyes, it’s corrupting my brain.”

Then you look at her lips, time to add the push when you glance at her lips…

“You’re making me look at your lips, STOP IT! I’m just trying to be myself. I’m not going to kiss you.”

Normal eye contact lasts for about three seconds. However, if you can hold your crush’s gaze for four and a half seconds, they’ll get a powerful cue that you’re flirting with them. Lock eyes with her.

Always be in your own world. Make good eye contact and smile. Don’t get too excited. Fun fact on attraction, notice a girls head slightly turns when they are curious about someone.

Flirting With Sexy Self-Love and Confidence

Flirting With Sexy Self-Love and Confidence

This section is awesome, why? I love acting a little cocky. It shows your confident, but let me be more clear..

There’s sexy cockiness and there’s the wrong type of cockiness that is pretentiously annoying.

So don’t be boastful. At the right moment, be interested in her but be polarizing. Show her that you have female friends.

Let’s say you meet a woman at the bar named Kelly and you are with some friends…

“Kelly will you excuse me while I go to the bathroom to stare at myself?” XD

When you say “stare at myself” you should sound witty, don’t sound contrived like you are building up your own value. Don’t ever prove yourself is what I’m saying here.

One time I said this line at a cowboy bar and it worked like gangbusters…

“I love mirrors.” She asked “Why?” I said to her “Because it communicates all the right things to me, I fucking love myself.”

“I really enjoy waking up in the morning, taking a shower using my pheromone soap, brushing my teeth, and taking my morning shit, even cutting my toenails. However I don’t use deodorant. I’m smelly. But I’m pretty fucking fun if you ask me.”

You can flirt with girls at a coffee shop and gaze at her eyes, show her that you noticed her. Smile and the moment you notice her interest, go approach her.

To avoid social embarrassment, it’s good to know when to cease and desist with eye contact flirting. Too much of a good thing can make you look like a stalker or too pushy. Allow plenty of time between eye flirts and let the other person have the opportunity to consider your “offer.”

The offer is you my friend. Showing confident body language with eye contact flirting with a cute stranger would make her day better.

From a psychological standpoint, direct eye contact triggers the release of oxytocin, often dubbed the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone.”

Advanced Flirting – Blame Her, Challenge Her

Advanced Master Flirting

Frame control at it’s finest right here brothers! You have to make sure she’s in to it, or the interaction won’t go the way you want it to go. That means read her attraction signs.

It would be wise of you to keep showing that confident body language. Start talking with her, keep making eye contact, give sexy facial expressions and start verbally flirting…

“Jessica, I can’t believe you’re making me like you. Not cool. I didn’t plan for that to happen.”

Smirk, don’t smile so big. Look at the person’s mouth. Make her she shows a clear signal of attraction.

“Ashley, you have to stop being so fucking cute, I’m just trying to live my life, and here you go, acting all cute. I see what you’re trying to do but I’m not that easy.” CHALLENGE.

Did I mention when you challenge women, you make them want you?

Break Eye Contact and Keep Challenging Her

What does that mean? Show that masculinity. Communicate options. Make eye contact, then break eye contact if you’re flirting gets more sexual.

At the right moment, this type of flirting takes it up a notch. And you position yourself as high status.

“Kelly, don’t be so much fun. I told you already, I don’t date girls I meet at bars. Clearly you’ve proven yourself to be a fun woman, and it’s all your fault that I have a lot going on down there!” 

Why is this advanced? Because it’s a combination of blaming, challenging, and push/pull.

“Don’t be so much fun” PULL

“I don’t date girls I meet at bars.” PUSH

“Clearly you’ve proven yourself to be fun.” Implies you are the prize, which is a very subtle challenge.

“And it’s all your fault that I have a lot going on down there!” Blaming her.

The first time you go out, I don’t encourage this type of flirting. But when you are dating, yes, I encourage you challenge her and flirt using push pull.

Flirtatiously Misinterpreting Her Test

Flirtatiously Misinterpreting Her Test

Ever heard of hoop theory? I may do an article on that soon, however, it’s important you understand that women like to fuck with your boundaries. Now this is a good thing!

It means she’s attracted, so don’t get mad about it, I’ve seen men get mad about it. Get excited because she’s attracted to you!

Let’s say for example she says, “What’s with that shirt your wearing? It’s weird.”

Misinterpret her comment…

“I know you want to rip it off of me right now, but let’s take it slow, I’m just now getting to know you.”

Let’s say she says this, “Why did you order that drink?”

Don’t buy girls drinks when you first meet them. This is a bad mistake. Buy them for yourself, she should earn your favor.

Misinterpret her comment…

“Listen I know you want my drink, I know you want to take it for yourself, and run out of the bar and go to your little girl sniper hideout, but honestly, you’ve gotta stop stealing drinks from all of the charming men you meet. I’m on to your games little girl.”

Never wait around or hover like a weirdo if you are at a bar or nightclub.

Flirting With Strong Sexual Tension

Flirting With Strong Sexual Tension

Oh snap! We’re getting in to some serious sexual tension with this last one! Did I save the best for last? Yes, of course I did. Remember don’t stare brothers.

Actually I want to tell you a story..

I said to this chick, “What do you think you’re doing?”

She said, “What do you mean?”

I said to her, “You know EXACTLY what you’re doing. It’s not going to work.” CHALLENGE.

She told me, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I told her, “Yes you do. You are making me like you, I am clearly too much for you anyways. But why the fuck are you doing this to me? Not cool..”

She started laughing nervously. I knew it was on.

She tested me, “why are you acting like a seducer?”

I said to her, “The real question is why do you keep making me like you? You know I’m not trying to like anyone right now.”

She inched closer and said, “Do you really think you can handle me Adam?”

I said to her, “For the third time, I’m not trying to like anyone right now. But I may have to kiss you soon, I don’t have to like it.” 

Summary: How To Master Flirting With Your Eyes


First and foremost, your eye contact MUST be on-point before you pull off any of these flirtatious scenarios.

So do me a favor and walk up to a mirror and find your sexy eye contact. If you don’t, you won’t be calibrated with your nonverbal communication.

The next step is to incrementally take action, don’t overwhelm yourself with everything I gave you.

Quite frankly, I’d rather have you flowing and be animated with your line delivery than put pressure on yourself to memorize the lines. 

Do one thing at a time, I recommend starting with the Flirtatious Push/Pull Approach. Just do that for one week. Then start progressing to utilizing your eye contact.

Definitely incorporate ‘Don’t Corrupt My Brain’, this was a nonnegotiable when I was hitting the bars regularly. But do yourself a favor and read this book to get the confidence of a Higher Status Alpha Male.

You are going to learn the following:

  • How To Lead Interactions Effortlessly
  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last and What To Do About It

And theres many more where that came from!


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