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5 Dark Reason’s Women Test Your Masculinity


5 Dark Reason's Women Test Your Masculinity

Today's article is on dark reason's women test your masculinity, and to be clear, this is literally unconscious. 

Women have no idea they are doing it. Often it's her way of seeing what you're made of. It's her seeing if she can get a reaction. 

Lately, I have been tested from someone I've known for years, and it's funny to me that she actually said, "I give up."

And this is part of the inspiration of this article, it's a reminder of all the times I've been challenged by women. 

But more importantly, this is about men that are dating but not quite in a relationship yet, you're just exclusive. The reason?

You see, I have literally gotten multiple women to say, "I give up" to me as of recently. Which tells me how far I've come on understanding female nature, more importantly, developing masculinity.

And it blows my mind that more men do not know about this. And because these are women I've known awhile, this article is for men that are dating and they see suspicious signs. I'm going to tell you some crazy stories.

Because let's face it, I've been in several LTR's. However, some lasted longer than others. Let's just say I've seen the light and the dark side of relationships.

Before we proceed, let's have you get to know who you REALLY are...

The Dark Triad Personality Test (FREE QUIZ)

Reason's women test men is because they want to see what you're made of.

I want you to take this free test here. The test is FREE. You will find out who you are, more importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself.

The reason I want you to take this test is because this will give you an idea of who you are in terms of your dark personality traits. 

I'm going to tell you something point blank my friend, if you do not take the dark triad test, often you'll notice parts of yourself manifest in LTRs. 

That stands for long-term relationships. I've seen both sides. I've been through a highly traumatic relationship, however, I've also seen the good side of LTRs.

Either way, you gotta understand that in relationships, you two both hold up a fucking mirror and shine the light to what you aren't doing. 

You will learn this when you find someone that really jives with you, and you just connect with. This article addresses the darker side of shit tests.

But then shit gets real, you start noticing little things that gets under your skin.

Reason's Women Test Men Are The Following

    • She returns to the energy you cannot match
    • She wants compliance from you
    • She will seduce you to get what she wants (darkest reason)
    • She won't stop till she finds your limits
    • She uses her feminine energy to bait neediness

    Let's get to the first reason. Now to be clear, this is one I own the fact that I learned it from The Way of the Superior Man. 

    Women Return to Their Energy You Cannot Stand

    As David Deida says, "These areas of testing are first on the dark side. Only after trust is established there, only when the dark feminine lover know she will be met by the dark masculine lover will testing proceed toward the light."

    This is often why women return to the same moods that you are annoyed with. You gotta embrace her moods brother. Penetrate her moods, what I mean by that is not to be taken literal.

    A superior man will take this as an opportunity to be in that same emotions she is presenting before him and match her energy. That means my friend, this is the one time I'll say to you...

    Take an advantage of emotional transference here. Her emotions will transfer over to you, allow it to come through, but show that you are immovable in that state of adversity.

    This is hard to explain, just become one with her moods my friend. Understood? Awesome. Stay tuned for a steamy story on how I used this strategy in my unreleased book 30 Ways to Command Sexual Power.

    Women Want Compliance From You


    If you've read my work, then you know that I focus heavily on the psychology of persuasion. 

    People try to persuade each other every day, look around you brother. One of the reason's women test men is they want to see if they can get you to comply.

    They want to see if you will buy in to her frame if you will. If women can get you to comply, then there's no attraction. 

    My friend, never change your mind just to please a woman. Another major important component of becoming a superior man. 

    You only become desirable when you focus on your masculine purpose. 

    Women Will Seduce You To Get What They Want From You (CRAZY STORY)

    One of the reason's women test men is they will see if you will give in to their seductive charms 

    Years ago, I had a previous partner literally try to TRAP me in a relationship.

    She threatened pregnancy. True story, I AM NOT BULLSHITTING YOU. 

    This is why I am telling you this story. It's because she tried to seduce me to get me to try different positions in the sheets. Manipulative, right? 

    All to trap me in a relationship because she didn't want to lose me, and she started seeing the disinterest I had in the relationship. 

    Did I follow through and have sex? FUCK NO. This is why I say loss aversion bias can make women go crazy and become obsessed with you.

    That is when you actively show that you are willing to let it go.

    Women will use their feminine qualities to trap you in a relationship because they know that guys are naturally really turned on by feminine energy.

    Toxicity at its finest. Brother, you must guard yourself against women like this.

    Women Won't Stop Testing You Till She Finds Your Limits

    Understand something my friend, you've got to know the reason's women test men and this one is in my opinion one of the most important in the article. 

    Women will test you constantly. So much to the point where she will find your deepest insecurities and test you there.

    I'm telling you from experience, even the healthy relationships I was in, this was very obvious to me and it's one of the reason's women test so much.

    It's like they purposely want to see if you will cower and act like a whiny bitch. And as I saw this, I responded often with this comment...

    "I have no response to that, can we act like adults now?"

    That's how to pass a test my friend. They might get butthurt, but it's better than you acting weak.

    Little side tangent on weakness, showing weakness is the QUICKEST WAY to piss attraction out the window.

    You must be immovable, grounded, centered, calm, more importantly, you must show you cannot be swayed, and have that masculine mindset.

    Women Use Their Feminine Energy to Bait Neediness

    One of the reason's women test men is they take an advantage of their feminine energy on social media

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    This is the dark reality, women like attention so much that this is the shit they will do.

    Obviously, don't be a fucking psycho malicious nutcase when you call her out, but this is how fucking immature women are nowadays. 

    You must drop women like this. I'm dead serious, if you notice women are doing this, drop them. This is one of the reason's women test men.

    These are often called thirst traps. It's a thing, just go on TikTok, it's common. 

    Guys you must be normal when they do this and stop giving women so much approval because they are hot. Just be normal around them.

    For you potential women reading this, if you are single, great, go ahead have fun posting thirst traps.

    But if you are in a relationship, fucking stop that behavior yesterday. You clearly lack simple integrity and you don't honor your man. Unless he's a simp...

    You have NO GOOD REASON to post thirst traps.

    The Final Verdict

    I know man, you found out some dark facts about female nature, and I know you are most definitely wondering if there are any good women out there.

    There are good women out there. So don't let this article discourage you. Just understand that you have got to SCREEN WOMEN HARD.

    What that means is to vet them heavily. The final verdict is even if you are dating a woman that you REALLY LIKE A LOT..

    She seems like everything you want in a partner. The verdict is you still must know the dark reason's women test men.

    Brother, I'm coming to you from reference experiences. You've got to guard yourself against women that put up this amazing honeymoon phase...

    But then everything turns in to a nightmare when a challenge comes in to the relationship. That's what you gotta look for. 

    What are her Dark Triad Test scores? That will tell you a lot. I'm here to get you to see how women are. 

    And I will continue to post articles on this because you must not be sold so fucking quickly just because the honeymoon phase was intoxicating. 

    Believe me, I've been there, speaking from the horses mouth itself.

    More importantly, you must know the reason's women test men, that's what this article is all about.

    Feel comfortable to comment down below with any comments, questions, and concerns. See you soon stud.

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