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Female Hypergamy Field Report – How To Attract Married Women


I want to preface this article by saying that female hypergamy is real, in fact, you’d be wise to watch all women as they look for the upgrade.

That means to say, even if there is a rock on their finger, it doesn’t change how women REALLY are. 

That is they are all attracted to the same qualities in a man, they are attracted to men of action.

Women are also obviously attracted to men that are confident, decisive, carefree, calm under pressure, and completely comfortable in themselves.

So before proceeding it’s important that we discuss what DHV is and why this is key to getting married women attracted to you.

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Women Are Attracted To Men That Demonstrate Higher Value


I’ll give you some examples of demonstrating higher value, that is you are preselected, that means other women are seen with you.

Some more examples:

  • You are the leader of men
  • Being the supporter and protector of the people you love.
  • You can stimulate her emotions.
  • Unafraid to flirt with your eyes.
  • You have a masculine voice.
  • You are socially intelligent and you can tell when she is attracted and when she’s not.

This is what I mean by are women are the same. A lot of you guys think, “oh, this one girl is different!”

No my friend, you have one-itis and you have to stop putting your eggs in one basket. 

Open your mind my friend, there are MILLIONS of women that you can get attracted to you, simply by demonstrating higher value.

What is Female Hypergamy?

What is Female Hypergamy?

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Here’s what female hypergamy is…

It is the idea that women date up and across, that means, they basically find the best suitable man they can mate with.

And quite frankly, the reason why this is a thing (and has been a thing for ages) is because women are hypergamous by nature.

In fact, I’ve seen female hypergamy happen so many damn times, I laugh at the memories that come up to my mind of crazy shit I’ve seen.

Before I tell you a field report about female hypergamy that happened in the field, let’s talk about female hypergamy and marriage…

Female Hypergamy and Marriage

You’ve heard this before, in fact, I’ve seen this happen to some of my closest friends where the mom cheats while she is married.

One of the BIGGEST REASONS that we have seen a spike in the divorce rate (which are initiated by women) is caused female hypergamy!

You see, even feminism has made this whole issue with the divorce rate much more acceptable.

Women are now liberated than ever before. Go out there my friends, have fun. All jokes aside, this should open your eyes.

Because of feminism, women can ‘Next’ men when they’re bored with their husbands. 

This is why you MUST know about this ‘Red pill’ truth.

However, I don’t want you going over to MGTOW, that movement is very bitter towards women.

Female Hypergamy Doesn’t Give a Fuck

Have you read this book called The Rational Male? It’s a good read by Rollo Tomassi. I took his words and made it more blunt.

What he says is “Hypergamy doesn’t care” and in fact, if you really think about it, he makes a good point.

However, YOU are hypergamous, so even if you’re mad at women and tell me, “Hypergamy doesn’t give a shit.”

I say to you my friend, “YOU would look for the upgrade if you’re not happy regardless if you’re married.”

That is what human beings do. They look at visually appealing people that are attractive.

In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women stare at me when I’m grocery shopping when she’s with her man.

So here’s what I want you to do, grow up and stop blaming women. Don’t go in that MGTOW movement, it’s not healthy.

And also stop this victim mentality because that doesn’t get you any girls.

Getting mad at their biology is pointless, that’s like you getting mad at yourself because YOU have a wandering eye just like they do.

Female Hypergamy Field Report

Female Hypergamy Field Report

I was cleaning an account and this woman I met, brunette hair with a dark red tint, also bright light blue eyes.

We started talking right, and all I did was simply tell her about what I’m doing for my 30th birthday about a month ago..

“Yeah I have a hotel that I am taking my girlfriend to.” 

She started asking more about it.

“What hotel is it? Where are you going for dinner? Are you excited?”

Asking a lot of questions, this is a HUGE attraction sign. 

I simply told her, “It’s comfort suites. By the way, I don’t kiss and tell, but thanks for asking.” I said this in a playful way.

When you can leave an interaction at any given time, it’s super powerful in the female mind.

Why is that? You see, she is wanting to know more. ALWAYS, leave women wanting more. This is female psychology 101.

The following week, she actually wanted to see a picture of my girlfriend, so I showed her a picture. 

Did I mention preselection is REALLY fucking powerful?

My friend, this is just the starting point of what started this woman trying VERY hard to pursue me!

So I’ll say this again in case it didn’t sink in, regardless of women being married, this does not change their hypergamous nature!

Unless if she is madly in love, a woman does look for a higher status man that can give her that masculine presence that her husband isn’t giving her and some will cheat, others that have a good heart will not cheat.

Field Report of Higher Status Flirting

So here’s another story that I want to tell you my friend. This was on my 30th birthday as I dropped a false disqualifier on a married woman.

“You and my brother should be best friends because you and I will not get along.”

She gave me a flirtatious look. She tested me and said, “Yeah I think I will be his friend.”

Then I responded with, “Good because we will NEVER be friends if you keep looking at me like that.”

After this my friend, she dropped a wink. This should open up your eyes that false disqualifiers work extremely well.

Two field reports should tell you something. First off, high status flirting is one of the most effective ways to build fast attraction.

In the previous story, you should be realizing that preselection triggers jealousy.

How To Attract Married Women Using False Disqualifiers

How To Attract Married Women Using False Disqualifiers

This is the million dollar question isn’t it? But as I’ve thoroughly explained these stories to you, I believe you know what attracts women.

Here’s the common mistake I hear from my own friends, “But Adam, how does saying a false disqualifier work? It sounds like you’re an asshole.”

My friend, this is all about your energy. Yes, you will sound like an ass if you don’t clue her in that you’re joking as I’ve stated several times on my blog already.

I’ve actually helped some of my friends through this, I say to them, “Loosen up, don’t take life so seriously. Now, just say any false disqualifier. Doesn’t matter what you disqualify her on, just lighten up, have a playful vibe.”

Let’s say you meet a short woman, and let’s call her Alicia. You realize there’s a rock on her finger, here’s what you can say..

“I was going to ask you to be my friend Alicia, but now that I see your married, I get a feeling that you and I shouldn’t be talking to each other. It’s really not a good idea. We shouldn’t be talking. Especially if you eat mangoes. Dealbreaker…”

This might sound random and weird, but here’s the thing my friend, women and men communicate differently.

Guy friends talk about commonalities. Women get bored fast if you talk to them about what you have in common.

This is what a false disqualifier is. You simply disqualify her PLAYFULLY on a commonality you two have. 

How To Attract Married Women By Leveraging Preselection

How To Attract Married Women By Leveraging Preselection

Women absolutely LOVE unavailable men. It’s kinda like a challenge to them. So if you don’t have a girlfriend, just tell the next woman you meet the following..

“I don’t have a girlfriend, I have MANY girlfriends.” XD

Be playfully sarcastic. In fact, you should use your cell phone here, showing her a picture is even more powerful.

From the story I told you earlier, I do have a girlfriend and I showed her a picture of Emily because she asked to see a picture of her.

And I kid you not, TRUE FUCKING STORY, she started talking about how she has a penis shaped shot glass in front of her coworker!

Thirsty much? Yeah, married women can even look desperate. Honestly, I like a woman with a little more class and can be sophisticated.

So even if I was single for example, I’d probably blow her out because of how try-hard she was acting.

You see, even women can be needy. This is how powerful preselection can be when you do it right.

Like for example, you don’t want to outright say, “I’m wanted by other women.”

That’s not classy. The right way to play it is to show her a picture and just say, “Yeah she has been blowing up my phone with text messages.”

The reason why this works is because you are demonstrating higher value when you imply that women pursue you.

It shows to her that you are a man that is in-demand. THAT RIGHT THERE is preselection well done my handsome friend.

How To Attract Married Women With Your Voice

Attract Married Women With Your Voice

Stop blowing smoke up my ass, come on Adam, can I really attract women with my voice? Yes my friend, yes you can.

First mistake, you have a ‘seeking rapport’ tonality. That is what you don’t want. I’ll give you an example..

When you speak with a woman, you have an upward inflection in your voice.

This is honestly REALLY hard to describe tonalities so follow me on Instagram, you’ll hear how I talk as a good example.

This puts you in the right mindset when interacting with women. You want to have a very firm tone, and speak with certainty.

That’s another mistake, don’t be so uncertain in your approach. 

Women can tell when you’re uncertain REALLY FUCKING FAST.

However, when you have a firm tonality, like you want her to do something for you, it comes across as confident and certain.

Let’s say for example, you don’t have a girlfriend, you’re single, and you don’t think preselection is possible.

If you have a masculine voice that sounds confident, that is attractive to women. 

Female Hypergamy is Why Women Cheat

Female Hypergamy is Why Women Cheat

For this reason, this is why a lot of men went in to MGTOW and that is “Men Going Their Own Way.”

It’s basically a movement that is in phase 2 of the “Red Pill.”

My friend, here’s my tip to you if you’re mad at woman, look at yourself in the mirror, do you REALLY want to spread hate?

I would certainly hope you don’t, because as you know if you’re a reader of my blog, women are evolutionarily turned off by rage.

And I’ll also say that even though I give you ways to leverage female hypergamy, that doesn’t mean I encourage you to cause a divorce.

Even though I got that married woman  highly horny enough to talk about penis shaped shot glasses, that doesn’t mean I’m going to cause a divorce.

I honor my current relationship. I am simply telling you this to show you that women literally don’t care if you get them attracted enough.

In fact, emotions are so damn powerful that women will act on their emotions and rationalize what they did later.

 Let’s Do A Female Hypergamy Thought Experiment

With that said, if you’re reading this article because you have your eye on a married woman, I really want you to ask yourself the following..

“Do I want to cause a divorce? Is it worth a risk to have sex with a married woman? Will I get caught?”

I’ll answer this for you, if you are a man full of integrity, honor, and congruence, you won’t do it.

Because as you know, female hypergamy is why women cheat. I suggest you be patient if she is going through a divorce.

If she is in the middle of a divorce because of her unhappiness with her husband, that’s when I’d say it might be somewhat justifiable.

The whole point I’m making is don’t act on instant gratification, even if you meet a married woman and she wants you to.

Sometimes saying “No,” can work even better than giving in to what SHE WANTS out of you.

In fact, this is what I encourage you to do. Saying “No” to sex show’s you have a masculine presence.

Discover the formula to get you laid TONIGHT!

Women Want An Alpha Male

Women Want An Alpha Male



I’m sure you get the idea on what this article is all about. What you want to develop is your inner game, because when you have good inner game, the outer manifests as a result. Here’s a list of qualities that Alpha Male’s demonstrate:

  • True confidence.
  • Decisiveness to take courageous action.
  • A strong masculine presence.
  • Has ambition to aim high for his goals.
  • Prioritizes fitness and practices essential success habits.
  • Doesn’t give a fuck what other people think’s of him.
  • Know’s how to lead women to where they want to go.

This is what I cover in my book and also on my blog. However, if you really want to elevate your game, you’re gonna want to develop inner game.

The one difference between most dating eBooks and I what I offer is I give you tasks to complete throughout this eBook.

They are difficult tasks, however, they pay off for the long term and you’ll become not only higher status, you will also know how to lead women in the most powerful way possible. 

Like honestly, I have read a lot of eBooks and there are some better than others, however, not one of them have listed out tactical action steps, and that is how I differentiate myself from other dating coaches. However, this is where it only goes so far.

Most people naturally procrastinate. It’s like you read a book and you’re like, “oh that’s great.”

Then you set it down and NEVER TAKE ACTION. 

Like dude, what do you expect for you to attract a married women fast after you read a book?

Doesn’t work like that my friend. You see, this right here is why most men cannot become an Alpha Male.

Hate to call you out man, but inaction is not the quality of a higher status alpha male.

This is why most men have been emasculated by society. It’s because you let society and social proof affect you. Tune that shit out.

A Woman Will Only Stay With You if She’s Madly in Love

Let’s do another thought experiment, you buy my book because you’re a fucking legend and you want good inner game.

Here’s a learning lesson I went through and that is women will fuck you but they don’t want to stay with you long-term. 

That means that you’ll find that becoming more Alpha will get you laid, however, you find that they only see you as a boy toy.

Which by the way, this is what a lot of women say to their friends, “How’s your boy toy doing?”

I have news for you guys, if she ever refers to you as a “boy toy” that means you are a player in their eyes.

Which means, you can get good at game and female hypergamy still applies in that situation.

They might even say, “I’m mad at you, but I love you.” That’s because their emotions are high and you are becoming more attractive.

You must develop what I call long-term game, and that is showing integrity, congruence, keeping your word.

What you want is to have women fall deeply and madly in love with you if you want to keep women loyal to you.

This is where I want to dive in to female hypergamy vs. loyalty. 

Female Hypergamy Vs. Loyalty

I’ll simplify this for you. I want you to become both. That means I want you to first get good at the Alpha ‘fuck boy’ type of game.

You’re a boy toy inside a woman’s mind. Nice work. But here’s the thing, most of these guys can’t honor commitments.

At least you’re in the top 20% of men that ACTUALLY have game. That is an improvement from where you once were.

However, this is where women lose their shit. They go absolutely bat shit crazy.

I’ve literally broken up with a woman, then she came up to me at Chilli’s in college and started touching me inappropriately.

Now you know how powerful being an asshole (the RIGHT way) can be, which I will write an article on. 

Circling back to female hypergamy, this is designed in to every human being, even men are.

So when you get women madly in love with you, this is how you can get a woman to talk about marriage.

I know this article is about attracting married woman. However, I intend to overdeliver, and tell you how to get a woman loyal to you.

You become a man full of integrity and demonstrate unapologetic congruence on top of Alpha game, holy shit, bro, she will absolutely divorce her husband if she see’s that you demonstrate this through your actions and not your words.

Show, don’t tell. Actions are what women look at. You can be good with words but if you never follow through, women won’t trust you.

And this is literally why when you have congruence and a strong masculine presence, you are in the Top 1% of men worldwide.  

Let’s be honest with ourselves out of 1,000,000 guys, only 5% focus on self-development and want to improve themselves.

That means you learning about female hypergamy and reading my blog, you should be proud of yourself. You are one in 50,000.

The Bottom Line: Female Hypergamy Field Report

The Bottom Line

So here’s the bottom line about female hypergamy, it’s real, so accept it. Stop getting mad at women for their biology.

It’s like the same thing as if women get mad at guys for wanting a woman with a nice body.

This is why a lot of guys do get dis-satisfied in relationships (for you potential women reading this.) 

You can’t expect a man to stay interested if your eating habits are complete shit and you lack self-control in your diet.

Hate to be harsh but this I how I am, I make no apologies for telling you how attraction works in relationships.

Female hypergamy is real my friends and you should stop blaming hypergamy for issues you’re having. 

The bottom line on how to attract married women is quite simple, that is you must demonstrate higher value.

And getting my book on Amazon will up your game even more. You’re guaranteed to develop healthy inner game if you apply the tasks.

I want you to remember that long-term game is what you want. The first step is you get good at the short-term game, the Alpha “Chad” status.

However, it’s important you don’t become the unattractive asshole and uses women. Lead women with value, don’t suck out value.

Overall, when you become the protector, on top of showing boundaries, and demonstrate higher value, I can guarantee you that you will make any woman fall madly in love with you.

I appreciate you reading this all the way through. And always ask yourself this question before pursuing a married woman

“Do I want to cause a divorce? Is it worth a risk to have sex with a married woman? Will I get caught?”

Most of the time, it ends messy. So I suggest getting good at game with all women. And don’t single out married women.

Feel comfortable to comment below and let me know if you have any questions.



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