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FEMALE Brain Book Review: Understanding Empathy


Female Brain Book Review

Before I talk about The Female Brain Book, I must address something proceeding forward...

This is not an overview of the full book. That would take ten more articles because I believe that this book is underrated for men to read. 

Why? It's simple. I hear comments from men that I told them about this book and they said to me... "That's some stupid book I don't want to read."

This is the unhealthy ego to the extreme. So many men nowadays are in their ego, and it's sad to me that men cannot even attempt to understand the opposite energy polarity.

This is the MASSIVE CAVEAT to this entire article...

Understanding Empathy

I am not talking about the drama in the teenager of a young woman. I am not going to talk about the DOZEN research studies that she found that are 110% true. 

I am also not talking about women seek power just as much as men seek having power. In case you didn't know, women are masculine nowadays.

What I am talking about in this book review is having more empathy in all social interactions.

Empathy is really important to women, more than what you think. This is what the article is geared towards.

What does that mean Adam? You aren't reviewing the entire book? What's the purpose of this article then? 

Fair question, so here's what I will say to you...

Female Brain Book Addresses What Men Neglect

Here's what men neglect, that is just simply having social intelligence. 

One can call this social calibration, they are both very similar. 

The Female Brain Book addresses what most men neglect and here's what most men don't understand...

That is deep rapport is required in long-term relationships. 

Deep rapport is such a MASSIVE topic that I will address in my own hardcover book.

What men neglect is to study these topics so they can appreciate women much more instead of staring at them like a fucking weirdo.

Female Brain Book is written by Louanne Brizendine and in my opinion must be read by men who want to communicate with women better.

Women Love Male Attention

This is one of the biggest takeaways from the entire book that I really must tell you the reader.

I know I reviewed a controversial book called Why Women Deserve Less. This is more for men to know about the current female population, a reminder, that not all women are like that.

However, even though I like that book, I will tell you that The Female Brain Book will get you to realize that most, if not all women value male attention. 

What I can appreciate about The Female Brain Book is you learn all about a women's fears of abandonment, fear of conflict, and even a fear of social discomfort. 

And this is why I strongly encourage you to read the whole book to understand "The Brain in Love."

It's extremely valuable to learn about what Louanne Brizendine has found in that particular section.

So when a woman is in-love, you find out quickly through stories of couples that Louanne talks about is how women are like when they are in-love with a man. 

This is when women want male attention the most. And this is why you must understand empathy and how to use it properly.

Differences Between Men and Women

Here's what we can bottom line from the book without going to the weeds on what Louanne Brizendine covers:

  • Women have 11% more neurons in brain areas for language and hearing than men
  • Emotions and memory formation are bigger in women
  • Women are better at expressing emotions and remembering details of emotional events
  • Men remember as well only when the amygdala is activated (if fear and danger are present)
  • Women have better social skills and emotional intelligence than boys
  • Women have more ups and downs than men
  • Men will go quicker from 0 to a fight while women tend to defuse conflict

There is much more where that comes from. Like I said, this book goes in great detail. Any of you women that stumbled across this article...

You'll get words of affirmation and learn more about yourself reading this book.

Empathy in Relationships

"Empathy is what makes the female brain superior for communication and emotional tones, it plays out early in a woman's life." -Louanne Brizendine

I just dropped a podcast in which I interviewed Hannah second time on Spotify, and I remembered something that I wrote about...

That is this book describes why empathy in relationships is extremely important.

In case you didn't know my friend, even though some women are turned on by men who can cultivate healthy narcissism...

There's a balance that you must understand. Even though my blog is mostly based on masculinity, empathy is what keeps relationships healthy.

This is why I referenced this book in my own work, Closer's Guide to Seduction. 

I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who stumbled across this article. 

Here is my number one takeaway to you the reader as to why this can help the average fuck boy...

You are improving your game when you understand women. You are improving your game when you understand empathy. 

More importantly, I'm reminding myself how much this is very important to demonstrate vulnerability properly.

The Takeaway 

Having healthy relationships is extremely important and in my mind, this book can be dissected in to ten reviews or more with how much is in this amazing read. 

However, I can bottom line this entire article by telling you the reader...

It's time that you start demonstrating an understanding of a women's reality. This is why I've been studying NLP extensively. 

That stands for neuro-linguistic programming and in-case you didn't know, this field is all about the mind. 

The mind is neuroplastic and it's highly malleable. This is why women are so fucking spectacular.

It's because they are social creatures. Learn to be giving to women my friends. If they take an advantage of that, that's when you set those strong masculine boundaries.

However, the point is to tell you that women understand language down to a tee. They understand social cues, nonverbal communication, and are much more socially intelligent. 

You can learn how to understand women much better when you check out this book.

I know this isn't a review of the entire book, what I want you to conclude is that empathy and authenticity is how women read you. 

Feel comfortable to leave any comments down below and follow my podcast Masculine Mindset Show. See you soon!


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