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How To Become EMOTIONALLY Unavailable


In this article, brace yourself for a darker look in to your mind. We are going to take a look at your emotional side, and I'm going to give you tactical ways to become emotionally unavailable.

First and foremost, let's talk about why you my friend, you must master your emotions. You must not let your emotions get the best of you. This is the number one tip to become emotionally unavailable.

This is the BIGGEST CAVEAT to this entire article...

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Caveat to Becoming Emotionally Unavailable

Your dark side is an essential part of you. Don't fight it. Accept it. 

Accept that you have a dark side. Stop acting like you don't have it. 

Here's the down side to having a dark side...

It's a waste of energy to attempt to control things that you cannot control. 

What does that mean? 

Your dark side often jumps to conclusions. The ends justify the means.

I really must give credit to Zack Zeller for reminding me that becoming emotionally unavailable is a mechanism for your ego to defend itself by lowering your affective range. 

So basically, what Zack reminded me is that you are not in control. 

The caveat is to let you all know that you should never try to control your emotions. Instead, you take the right steps to master your emotions.

I want to make myself clear that it doesn't mean you fear emotions. It means you master them. Turn them on, or turn them off. You'll know what I mean later in the article.

This is not an easy read, so let me make that clear. It's very dark.

That's why you'll find that I tell you throughout this article...

Stop fighting your emotions. Don't fight them at all. You are human.

However, as a thought experiment, I have you turn it off. But don't become violent. That's not cool. Let's get down to the steps...

First Step - Master Your Emotions 

LISTEN! Do yourself the favor of watching those emotions. Watch them carefully. They are not you. They are temporary. Emotions are temporary. They come and they go. 

Let's say you go through a breakup, and it hits you like a motherfucker. It's time you watch that part of you carefully.

Watch it EXTREMELY carefully. You feel those emotions coming, and now you let it surface. You face those emotions. They pour out. 

You start crying, you start having tears come down your face. These tears are real. Because you loved this person.

But now when it ends, you realize that it was just a temporary emotion. Sadness is temporary. This too shall pass. Watch those emotions when they want to surface. Always watch that carefully.

This is the first step to becoming emotionally unavailable. Always watch that part of you at all times. No excuses. 

When you feel those emotions, monitor them. 

Second Step

Become Emotionally Unavailable

Your ego is now fighting against those emotions. You know that you should FEEL those emotions. But because you have a healthy ego, you know better than to fight your dark side. 

Your ego is your dark side. So you don't fight your ego. Instead, you become emotionally unavailable for even yourself.

This is not about fighting emotions my friend. Not at all. Always feel those emotions come up. Mastering emotions is awesome. That doesn't mean you fight them. It means you dictate them. 

How you become emotionally unavailable for yourself is you develop what I call apathy for your emotional side. 

You stop caring. You don't give a single fuck about anything. You get rid of all empathy. You have no empathy. All you have is apathy.

This is when narcissism comes in to play. It's okay to be slightly narcissistic as everyone looks out for themselves. 

But remember this key point brother. Stop caring about your emotional side. Stop caring. Fucking drop all empathy. This is a thought experiment.

Third Step - Cut Out Your Emotions 

Click to play

Alright, I'm about to give you an unorthodox way to move on from a  breakup that you went through. So watch this video. Look at my eyes very carefully. 

You'll see pure black. What is that? This is my dark side coming through. That means, I have zero emotions when I recorded this. 

This will be harder than what you think. Because becoming emotionally unavailable for the person you saw will be hard. 

So I'm going to tell you right now. Do this responsibly. Close your eyes, watch that emotional side.

The minute your emotions come up...

Turn off your emotions. Now, call me crazy, but this right here is basically you becoming a sociopath. 

I'm not making any illusions to my readers. When you cut off all emotions. You become a fucking sociopath. Yes, I fucking mean that. 

Don't do anything stupid, like cause harm to anyone. Fuck no. 

Just learn to do this thought experiment that gets you to become more apathetic than ever. This is your killer instinct my friend.

Fourth Step

Transmutation Through Attention

Close your eyes when you feel those emotions surface up. Now here's what you do for this meditation my friend:

  • You'll feel those emotions come up to the surface
  • Pay close attention to those emotions
  • Monitor those emotions
  • Allow them to come through during the meditation
  • Don't fight your emotions during this meditation

Listen to meditation music. Listen to it for a long time. And when you are done with this daily meditation...

Sit for five extra minutes after you pay attention to those emotions. 

Transmutation through attention comes in to play after you allow your emotions to come through. 

Now turn that music on again. Listen to Brain.FM:

  • Monitor your emotional side
  • Pay close attention to it
  • Disassociate yourself from those emotions

Fifth Step - Become Apathetic 

Now, here's what I mean by apathy. I mean you stop caring about your own emotions. You don't care about that part of you. 

You are indifferent. You are more stoic. You don't give two shits. You are internally validated. 

More importantly, you pat yourself on the back for moving on from an intense separation. Or you had a falling out with a friend. 

It doesn't matter. Going through challenges are inevitable. You stop caring about your own emotions. You become apathetic towards your own emotions. 

Watch this very carefully. I don't mean you stop caring about life. That's way too fucking far. I mean you stop caring about your emotional side.

This is how to cultivate healthy narcissism and it's a powerful method to help you get to know that side of yourself that is feminine. 

Especially when you go through a rough challenge in any of your relationships. Do this with caution. Do it responsibly.

The Bottom Line: Emotionally Unavailable

A very intense deep dive in to emotional control. This is the dark side of emotional control. 

You can control those emotions my friend. But you must do it responsibly without losing your mind. 

I'm speaking from experience. I did this all year since July of 2023. I cut off my emotional side.

I went dark. I did everything in this article. More importantly, a few times, I thought I almost had no care for anyone in my life. 

But then I realized, that is no way to live life. So here's what I did my friends...

I poured out all of my grief in to my hardcover book about to be released in which I did more exercises to bring myself back to reality. 

That means, if you follow through and do this...

Understand that you will encounter your dark side VERY FAST. 

And I want you to understand that in my hardcover book, I give you guided visualizations to implement that isn't as dark as this article.

Attempt everything I said today with caution. Attempt it carefully. Do not lose your fucking mind. Be mindful how far you take this. 

Feel free to comment down below and let me know if this has helped you get over a breakup and/or a falling out with a business partner.

See you next time. If you made it all the way through this one, you have heck of a masculine mindset.

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