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Does Looks Matter to Women? (SHOCKING TRUTH)


Just cut it to me straight man, does looks matter to women? I’m willing to bet you want to know the answer.

In this article, I intend to answer this common question.

So let’s get straight to it man… Yes they matter. 

But not in the way that you think it matters.

And I’m sure by now you’re wondering why do looks matter to women? 

Have no fear my handsome friend, you are going to find out why looks matter to women.

But you will also find out why looks does not matter to women, and to be clear, it’s more about your mindset about your looks.

So don’t get it twisted, the truth is yes and no. However, it’s completely counterintuitive on how it works.

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Why Looks Matters to Women

Why Looks Matter to Women

Let’s think closely about this, you’re a dude and you look at a woman that you find very attractive.

And then a woman see’s a man she finds hot, obviously that guy is going to stand out from the rest.

In fact, looks are important to women because they want to know that you take care of yourself. 

I can see several of you getting butt hurt saying, “Why Adam? Why is it that they care about looks?”

Bro, put yourself in a woman’s shoes for two seconds. The man that is physically fit and has proper grooming stands out.

I mean, you do this to woman right? I know how you are, you ask your friend’s, is she hot? So what difference does it make?

Instead of getting mad that woman look at good looks, understand their perspective.

Their sexual market place value is at it’s peak in their mid-twenties and that means they must find the most visually attractive man before it’s too late.

So you can’t blame them for wanting a good looking man. Instead, start improving yourself rather than feel sorry for yourself.

Your Mindset on Your Looks Matters to Women

Your Mindset on Your Looks Matters to Women

This next section of this article is hands down the most important reason that you see some ugly guys pull women.

It’s because they have fully embrace every flaw and their mindset is attractive. They own their flaws. 

So like I said, don’t get it twisted, looks still matter, however, it’s your mindset on your looks that really stands out to women.

Believe me when I say that I am a good looking man, and it got much easier once I embraced every flaw I have and owned it.

However, I used to be insecure once upon a time. After years of inner work, I have the mindset of an Alpha Male.

And my friend, even if I didn’t work out and I had no muscles, and overweight, when you have the mindset of an Alpha Male, you get the attention of all women.

So what is the mindset of an Alpha Male? I’ll tell you how Alpha Male’s think. 

They simply don’t base other people’s opinions of them about their looks on their self-esteem.

Alpha Males accept themselves and they embrace every flaw they have.

Does Height Matter to Women?

Does Height Matter to Women?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I was taller.” 

“Why does that guy who is so tall seem so attractive to women? What does he have that I don’t?”

This puts you in a lower status state of mind. Does this sound empowering to yourself? No, it doesn’t.

You are self-sabotaging your image mentally. And it’s extremely unattractive to women.

Your mindset is what women pick up on before you even speak. So that means you should stop self-sabotaging.

You can have pimples, look like a midget, and have a clown outfit, but if you accept it, women will accept it.

That’s the key man. So like I said already, don’t get it twisted, height sometimes matters “in online dating” for example.

But if you accept and embrace how short you are, then you can pull women.

Does Looks Matter to High Quality Women?

Does Looks Matter to High Quality Women?

Yes, yes, and YES. My friend, you won’t find a woman that doesn’t find it unattractive.

Here’s the most important point to what women look for in terms of looks, they look for a man that is MASCULINE.

So what women are evolutionarily attracted to is a man that communicates a strong reality, hence that means being masculine.

What does this mean for you?

It means that as I said already, height somewhat matters, but looking masculine is attractive.

So instead of dwelling on your imperfections, tell yourself to “shut the fuck up” when you self-sabotage.

You should never talk so damn low to yourself. I mean Jesus Christ, it would blow your mind how insecure so many people are.

You can look like Brad Pitt and even be a professional body builder and fitness competitor, but if you talk down to yourself, you are not masculine.

And it reflects in your body language, in the way you walk, your frame and your energy. Never call yourself ugly, it looks low value.

So my friend, yes, looks matters to high quality women, however, you cannot let that stop you from approaching them.

As long as you look masculine, you will make a good first impression.

I give a MASTERCLASS on developing your first impression in my book.

Become The Alpha Women Want


If You Think You’re Ugly, Learn To Accept Yourself

My friend, you’d be surprised by how many good looking men I’ve met that have an insecure mindset on their looks and don’t get girls as a result. You see, if you have those thoughts, it’s best that you own it.

Why don’t they get girls? You see, it’s not so much their looks itself as it is your mindset about your looks.

Let’s say for example, you are self-conscious about being bald, here’s a great way to show confidence and self-acceptance…

“I love this bald head, it makes me so much more aerodynamic.”

“I’m so bald my head slips off the pillow.”

You see having a masculine mindset is accepting who you are. It’s owning everything that you don’t like.

There’s a reason why I call this the Masculine Mindset blog. 

There are several reasons but one of them is the fact that when I found my masculinity, my results with women exploded.

I kid you not, I’ve pulled A LOT of women in online dating on to texting. And part of that is I communicated self-acceptance.

You see it’s not hard to accept yourself, just be authentically YOU.

Be Confident in Your Appearance

Be Confident in Your Appearance

You see I wrote this free eBook, How To Always Be In the Power Position and what’s powerful is your confidence in your appearance.

More or less, it’s being comfortable in how you look. Don’t have so many insecurities my friend.

In this free eBook, I talk about why you must be internally validated. That is masculine. Insecurities about your looks is not masculine, it’s actually feminine because you’re worried about what people think. I’m not hating on feminine energy.

You know I love women already. What I’m not okay with is men acting helpless and insecure about their appearance. That is victim mentality at its finest and it’s self sabotage.

It’s extremely sad and depressing, you’re not doing anything but hurting your self-esteem.

I’ll give you a quick tip on becoming internally validated, simply start doing daily meditation. You will clear out your thoughts.

Fun fact about daily meditation – it makes your frontal lobe grow, and that is responsible for happiness and joy.

So I have no idea why more guys meditate. Seriously if you don’t, I want you to personally make you do fifty push-ups.

Because not meditating can actually hinder your progress with women. Don’t seek their approval.

You see, it’s time that you give less fucks. That’s an area of confidence that a lot of people forget about.

Improve Your Frame First


If You’re Not Super Confident, Improve Your Frame First

It’s time that you start improving your frame. As I’ve discussed before, frame is the underlying meaning of all interactions.

A strong frame is indifferent, nonreactive, and is focused on its goals, missions, and purpose. 

A weak frame is gullible, takes things personally, and wants to be validated.

This can be the single most important way to get better in communications.

You must improve your frame or you won’t attract women. In fact, a weak frame is unattractive.

A strong frame is highly sure of itself, knows his worth, doesn’t need validation to feel full. 

A weak frame is someone who lives on the reactions of others to get in state.

More importantly, a strong frame draws validation and a good state from within and doesn’t seek state from external factors.

Important Factors to Good Looks

Three Important Factors to Good Looks

It’s time that I get honest with you man. You have to know a few things about developing good looks since you know that it does matter to high quality women.

First off, before we get in to the three factors, don’t ever workout to impress anyone. Second off, don’t depend on reactions of others to your style to feel like you are higher status. Because then your ego will be hurt when you get rejected. Thirdly, don’t get caught up in believing higher status is about making bank in dating.

You see money and possession of resources are not the same thing. To be clear, having an ego in this game doesn’t get your dick wet, if anything, you trying to impress her is a turn-off.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get in to the three important principles of having good looks.

  • Fitness
  • Higher Status Style
  • Proper Hygiene Habits

Your fitness is extremely important my friend. I recommend reading my health and fitness articles. You can see my fitness journey in this article here. A very clear and visible fitness transformation.

Let’s briefly go over style. Buy a leather jacket. Seriously, it positions you as a bad, edgy guy that women love.

Bro, take a mother-fucking shower. There’s this one dude I work with and damn he smells like ass. You can tell he doesn’t shower. Simple hygiene like cleaning your ears, pluck your eyebrows, manscaping your package is really important. Also brush your teeth.


Develop Alpha Male Beliefs

Develop Alpha Male Beliefs

Have you ever said the following…

  • I’m not good enough because I don’t look good.
  • I need other people’s approval.
  • My state depends on other people.
  • I cannot accept how I look.
  • I need to be validated for my looks.
  • I cannot be okay with myself.
  • I don’t like myself.
  • I don’t value myself.

You see, this is why some good looking guys struggle with women. 

I’ll tell you why that is, it’s because they have been told, “You’re handsome” by their mom, and everyone they grew up with.

You are put in to a feminine state. Yet again, I have to say this because lately I have been getting people on my Instagram telling me, “This sounds like you put down feminine behaviors.”

You see, here’s the thing, it’s time I address this. There are positives and negatives to both feminine and masculine energies. We all have both. It’s when you lean too much in to your feminine energy as a man that it looks like you are not a man. To women, this looks like you are not masculine.

So how do you develop that manly vibe? Develop a stronger frame and don’t let your ego get involved with confidence, instead develop true confidence.

You see confidence can be faked. Confidence can be staged. And confidence is area specific. Most people don’t know that.

I want you to develop the following Alpha Male beliefs:

  • I am enough.
  • I am a girl magnet.
  • I am high value.
  • I love myself.
  • I am decisive and lead women to where they want to go.
  • I am higher status.
  • I am a bold and a polarizing Alpha Male.
  • I generate my validation from within.
  • I know what I want and I take action to get it.
  • I look fucking amazing at all times.

That sounds pretty damn awesome doesn’t it? You see becoming an Alpha Male does take time, but it starts with your belief system. And if you think low of yourself, I strongly advise you to start writing down these affirmations and read them.

Your Honest Signals Will Look Higher Value

Your Honest Signals Will Look Higher Value

You see when I started using those affirmations I gave you, I kid you not women respond like never before. Why is that?

Because like I said from the beginning, your mindset about your looks starts improving. 

You start seeing yourself as higher status. You start seeing yourself as a man that any women would be lucky to be with.

I mean what happened as a result? Bro I slept with a lot of women simply by developing Alpha Male beliefs.

So you should really read those affirmations. As a result, your honest signals will look higher value.

I’m telling you man, this will really increase your confidence, but you have to be committed to doing it every day.

That means, read the affirmations every morning, no excuses.

Lift Weights to Maximize Your Looks

Bonus Tip – Lift Weights to Maximize Your Looks

My friend, I strongly advise you to read my fitness articles, but let’s have you start out by going through my shoulder workout.

Why? Because, having healthy shoulders is one of the most attractive traits that women find sexy in a man. 

If you don’t workout, then you’re missing out on a critical component on becoming more masculine.

As I said, don’t be reliant on women’s approval, however, when you workout, you start looking much better.

Not to mention, when you focus on yourself, and you don’t let women’s viewpoint of your looks get you down, you are highly masculine. 

Not only are you highly masculine, you become more healthy, and you improve your state of mind when you lift weights.

It’s super fucking fulfilling when you get in a hard hitting workout, and you not only feel like a greek god, you become the most handsome version of yourself possible.

So I’ll say this one more time, don’t workout for anyone but yourself. 

Focus on your fitness goals and become the most masculine version of yourself possible.

You will be more attractive to women as a side benefit of you following your goals. 

And that’s how all Alpha Male’s think.

Remember that my friend.

Looks Matter to Women

The Bottom Line

You see looks is important man, especially to higher quality women. And it’s not so much about what you look like, but the frame you have. A strong masculine frame always wins.

So don’t get it twisted as I said from the start. Looks do matter, however, your bearing, and the way you carry yourself is also extremely important, as in your posture and body language matters.

Choosing to work out and focusing on fitness, and of course, developing the mindset of a masculine Alpha Male will put you in the Top 20% of men worldwide. 

So honestly, the answer is yes, looks matters to high quality women. But sometimes if you’re extremely confident and charismatic, you can blow passed it. In that sense, it kinda does not have to matter if you’re extremely charismatic and have good verbal game.

However, this is where I don’t like traditional PUA advice, they tell you don’t worry about looks. Having good looks is of course a power move.

The thing is that PUA advice is complete shit. There’s so many damn benefits to working out that getting women attracted to you gets easier once you have the body of a higher status man that radiates masculine power from lifting weights. So I recommend that you stack the chips in your favor as when you improve your looks, women notice as a side benefit.

That is highly attractive to women. I mean bro, let me tell you the facts, women dream of being dominated by a hot guy in the bedroom and if you combine doing high intensity interval training with lifting weights, your stamina will be amazing. 

So I strongly urge you to work out. You’ll have better stamina in the bedroom. That my friend is fucking sexy. Most women read romance novels and they won’t tell you that they love it when a strong man takes the lead in all of the right ways 😉

And I also want you to remember that you must develop Alpha Male beliefs. In result, you’ll develop a masculine mindset. This is what my blog is all about. You won’t care anymore about if looks matters when you have the vibe of an Alpha Male.

Thank you for going through this entire article and feel comfortable to reach out to me at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com for any questions. As always, leave a comment, and share this with a friend.

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