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Death Wish Coffee Review (Does It Live Up To The HYPE?)


Death Wish Coffee Review: Does It Live Up To The HYPE?

You are about to find out my honest thoughts on death wish coffee and why I have a love and hate relationship with this drink. 

First and foremost, you are talking to a dude who has a background in reviewing Nootropics on top of fitness supplements such as Beyond Raw Lit.

And I honestly will say to you from experience, Death Wish Coffee does live up to the hype. 

Measure Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is definitely the worlds strongest coffee

And here's why you must measure death wish coffee my friend, I made the mistake of not measuring this one time and here's what happened. 

I got a fucking anxiety attack. So this is my learning lesson with Death Wish Coffee...

Measure this the right way, read the fucking label as it says. 

"We recommend using 2 and a half tablespoons of coffee grounds per 6 ounces of water."

I know people to not measure coffee grounds. They will pour 1/3 of the entire fucking bag. I have never done that. 

But I have measured 10 tablespoons with straight death wish coffee. And that's my bad because too much caffeine can and will affect you.

You cannot do that with death wish coffee. Listen to this tip you guys, there are side effects to really strong coffee like death wish that I will cover a little later.

One Cup of Coffee is Enough

I've tried two and three cups of this coffee multiple times, and it does the trick even with one. 

You'll get much more focused to be more productive as I always promote on my podcast you'll find in my episode called Skyrocket Productivity INSTANTLY! 

Listen to this episode with caution as I did drink Death Wish Coffee before recording this and I turned in to a fucking psychotic crazy nutcase.

As I am writing this article, I find that drinking this coffee on top of writing my next batch of books and blogging is extremely effective for entrepreneurs to get more shit done than ever. 

For that reason I'm rating this an 8 out of 10. Points down for a few reasons I will get to shortly. 

Understand that this coffee can also be used in place of pre-workout. You don't need a powerful pre-workout on top of this coffee.

Side Effects of Death Wish Coffee 

Excellent Combination with Death Wish: Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Honestly, you'll get the jitters like crazy. And if you overdo it like me, you can potentially get an anxiety attack. 

Other than that, I haven't really had anything else other than that. Measure each scoop as I said earlier. 

I'm not trying to get you nervous to try this, I think you should, just be mindful to use FOUR TABLESPOONS mixed with the other coffee you have.

I actually had my girlfriend try this and she said that she wouldn't have more than one cup.

And even though I admit to you that this article is a sponsored article...

I would give you nothing but my honest thoughts on this coffee.

Taste of Death Wish Coffee

The taste is where I will rank this an 8 out of 10. It taste like any other coffee, it honestly reminds me of Tim Horton's coffee in terms of taste. 

It does have hints of caramel but in my opinion, not enough of the caramel. Two points down for that.

However, the stone fruit does make this good tasting coffee. I encourage you to make the Avocado Brownies I have an article on. 

Death Wish goes great with baked goods. Pumpkin bread, banana bread, cinnamon roll muffins that I will make homemade. (If you want an article on these recipes, let me know.)

My Biggest Tip To Not Get Anxiety

So here's what I do when I know I'm about to make this coffee. 

I strongly encourage you to do 4 tablespoons on top of the coffee you would normally put in like Folgers for example. Measure that out too.

You guys, there is a reason why Barista's tell us to measure coffee. I had a friend working at Starbucks who said, "Not enough people measure."

Shout out to Kit Palencar. You know who you are. Fucking legend.

The point is most people do not measure coffee. And with death wish, you don't need any more than 4 TABLESPOONS. Every time I would make Death Wish Coffee straight up...

I would get the jitters like crazy. And it wouldn't be nearly as bad when I'd mix it up with Starbucks House Blend for instance. 

So don't make it straight up my friend. Unless it's the morning and you have a VERY long work day...

You don't need to make this straight up. It's better that you mix it with Folgers, Starbucks, Dunkin', whatever kind you generally get.

This is how you make death wish coffee last a long time.

Report From 2017 on Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew

I'm sure you've come across this crazy recall from USA Today which has concerned many people.

Here's my smart ass comment to the news. Stop buying in to this, I've drinked Death Wish for a long time. 

There was only ONE TIME where I had an anxiety attack. And that was my own fault for not measuring. 

In case you haven't read my article on Why Society Shames Masculinity, you'd be wise to laugh at how over-the-top the news can get. 

As I read that article by the way, I'm reminded of how ridiculously overboard news stories tries to get an emotional reaction out of people so that they can take home a large paycheck. 

Just remember this my friend, the news is designed to push your fucking buttons to scare you.

I will admit to you I'm polarizing on my podcast, but that's to motivate people to stop being lazy.

The Takeaway

I personally do enjoy drinking Death Wish Coffee, however, is it dangerous? Not really. That is if you measure the coffee. 

An 8oz cup of this coffee is 472 mg of caffeine. This is why I say you don't even need pre-workout if you are a fitness junkie like myself. 

I encourage you to give it a shot, just be mindful of the caffeine. And remember that if you don't measure, you're fucked. 

Be smart my friend. If you don't want to stay up till 3 in the morning, drink this no later than Noon. 

If you choose to drink this passed 2 PM, you will likely want to take Melatonin to knock yourself out. 

This is good coffee but you don't need any more coffee after drinking this. 

Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have any questions on what you want me to review next!


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