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Bucked Up BuckBars Review 2024


Bucked Up BuckBars Review 2024

Have you ever tried the NEWEST Bucked Up BuckBars? After this article, you will find out if this worth it. 

I want to first start out by saying that I do like these bars, however, the rating I am giving it is a little lower. 

However, that doesn't mean I don't like this protein bar. As I've seen a fair amount of videos of people reviewing this snack and here's what I've found...

I've found that the old brand people didn't like. And the new brand, their thoughts stay the same. 

Do you want to know my thoughts? Here's the first big point...

Taste of Bucked Up BuckBars

The taste I'm honestly rating a 9 out of 10. It's definitely not a bad tasting protein bar by any means. In fact, this is the one thing that I disagree with that most people are commenting on. 

Full transparency, I did not have a major issue with the taste of this protein bar. In fact, I think it tastes pretty damn good. But the lower rating is for another reason. 

Understand that you gotta try it before you assume because assuming you're not going to like it based on other people's opinions is like being externally validated in the dating scene. That analogy means this... 

You will not have the same experience as other people. When you are externally validated you seek validation. 

And in this case for this product review, you are not going to have the same taste buds as me or anyone else. Trust your own judgment instead. 

Texture of Bucked Up BuckBars

It has great texture and the whey protein crisps in my opinion, makes this a very good protein bar. This is what I love about the Bucked Up BuckBars.

The texture hands down is 10 out of 10. Very good, in fact, I will often eat two Bucked Up BuckBars a day because it does fill you up. 

Again, I disagree with what people are saying about this flavor being bad. It's not that bad, in fact I like this particular flavor you see here. 

Are Bucked Up Buck Bars Worth It?

Short answer is if you are on-the-go like me, yes it is worth it. If you do not like the thickness of protein bars, no it's not. 

Because this is the one thing I noticed about this protein bar is it is thick. And I know people don't like that. 

However, if you are a busy guy, always working all the time and training people...

Then I ABSOLUTELY encourage you to get Bucked Up Buck Bars.

 Side Effects of Bucked Up BuckBars

This is the number one reason I am rating this product a 7 out of 10. Let's just say I pinched a loaf like a fucking legend.

And these protein bars are just gassy in general. Unless you're immune to high amounts of fiber, you will shoot a snake in your toilet.

Yes my friend, this is a good protein bar but you will get the shits. It does contain wheat flour which includes fiber and that's what gives you energy. 

But gives you the shits as a side effect. All good though, at least you're crapping because lack of shits is not healthy.

How To Stack Bucked Up BuckBars

I personally have been drinking Beyond Raw Lit lately, but you can stack this with pre-workout. 

It doesn't matter what pre workout you stack this with, as long as you stack this with a powerful pre workout, you will burn this off. 

Especially when you lift weights, this is going to aid in giving you energy to lift more weights, again, all the more reason to give this a shot. 

My personal favorite Bucked Up pre workout is BAMF. If that is something you want to try on top of Bucked Up BuckBars, then go for it. 

That's how to stack this product my friend. Lastly, you can stack this with the Bucked Up post workout that they sell on the online store. 

The Bottom Line: Bucked Up Buck Bars

Overall, I do like the texture and flavor of these protein bars. Again, the downside, you'll fart like a world champion. 

However, I don't really see why people are ripping on this protein bar. Definitely not as bad as some people say. 

You will have to try it for yourself. Just know that it does contain gluten, so if you have a gluten allergy, then don't eat this. 

Other than that, this is my honest review of the NEW AND IMPROVED Bucked Up BuckBars. 

I do like this protein bar. Give this a shot if you are looking for something to curb your hunger and keep you full. 

Feel comfortable to reach out to me on social media, and comment below with any questions you may have. I'll see you next time!


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