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What Are Beta Orbiter’s? (How To Stop Being a Whiny BITCH About It)


What Are Beta Orbiter's? (How To Stop Being a Whiny BITCH About It)

Ever heard of Beta Orbiter's before? Or are you just living under a rock? 

I encourage you to wake up out of your slumber if a woman is acting suspicious, especially if you're in a relationship. This article absolutely applies to couples.

Because what I'm about to teach you today is my learning lesson of my younger self. In fact, if you want to hear the full story, just read my book on seduction.

So let's cut straight to the chase, shall we? Watch this video my handsome friend, I'm here to help you if you're in a sticky situation.

There are a myriad of circumstances that women often do this, so here is how I'm going to spell this out to you...

Beta Orbiter's often are the second, third, or even fourth option. They are a woman's back-up plan. If everything else fails, you're her last option. 

Often women do this because they want attention from other guys because they get bored. 

I know, it's a shitty and a sticky situation. I feel you brother. I get it. Just go through this article here. Have you went through it? 

Awesome, let's continue...

 Beta Orbiter's Defined

Beta orbiters are a thing in relationships

Defined, beta orbiter's are in a nutshell a line up of guys a woman has if something goes south in her relationship. 

Yes, this is common in relationships. Now, this is why you hear me say in the video I've straight up dropped women I've met from online dating that have had another boyfriend. 

Little side advice my dude, you gotta get her to open up about it. Lower her defenses first before you ask, because you can't just ask with a harsh tonality.

Why can I do that? Because this is my number one boundary with women.

Now, let me tell you point blank, I know the title of this article is harsh.

Get used to it brother, I had to stop being a pussy myself when this happened in my life at 16 years old.

So here's the important point to to why beta orbiter's suck with women...

Beta Orbiter's Have Zero Spine

Listen up my dude, even though I'm here for you, I have compassion for you and I care about you...

You gotta stop waiting for your chance. Because for me to be more blunt with you about this, I gotta tell you something really hard to hear...

You have no spine. Not only do you have no spine, you cannot even set those healthy boundaries from the beginning. 

This is a critical component to my teachings. In order to enhance your masculine mindset...

You must set firm boundaries. But do it without negative combative energy.

  Beta Orbiter's Are Often Indecisive

Beta orbiter's often have zero motivation

This is my number one point to this entire article and the reason men are friend zoned. 

However, you'll find out about the friend zone later in this article. I want to stay on the topic of relationships.

This can and will happen in relationships if she see's your lack of leadership.

Here's the sum up, it's your lack of masculinity and having no backbone.

Women fuck Alpha Males, they use Beta Males and leave them on the back burner. If you bore her to tears, you will become the second fiddle if you get complacent in a relationship.

More importantly, they will use men if they see you expose your resources too soon as I say all the time.

More importantly, I'm going to get you in the right mindset to man the fuck up.

How To Stop Being a Whiny Bitch

Alright my friend, here goes nothing, I want to share you a podcast that I recorded in which I am VERY hard on the listener.

Go through the whole podcast, because this is (in a way) me talking to myself just as much as I am talking to you.

Now again, just read my seduction book if you want to read the story. 

The whole point for me talking about this is I want you to understand something about female nature...

Women only fully trust you when they see every side of your personality. 

That includes your dark side. Women will often test your dark side to get a rise out of you, they will do it because they want to know what you're capable of.

Three Steps to Stop Being a Bitch

Here are the really important steps to stop being a whiny bitch about female nature in relationships:

  • Follow your fears and talk it out with your partner
  • Show women your boundaries through action
  • Be willing to let it go at any given moment
  • More advanced way: use reward and punishment

Zero Negativity

Listen brother, every time I mention the powerful psychological bias of reward and punishment...

People lose their fucking shit. They lose their shooter marble. They lose their precarious sense of their own composure and they call me "Misogynist."

The fucking point is you have ZERO negativity when you use it. You never actually physically punish, people often take it too damn literal.

This in fact requires a full article on setting healthy boundaries, just understand that reward and punishment is meant to be used for women to know that you can show her your boundaries. 

Because you can be all talk my friend, but no action. You see, I did straight up decline sex a few times, requires a full podcast, but I'll talk about that later.


Often, beta orbiters are the sign of a low value man. However, in this article, I talked in terms of relationships.

However, what I want you to understand most about the red pill truth of 'beta orbiters' is you gotta experience it yourself and in result, you will come out a changed man guaranteed. You'll turn in to a better man.

That is if you don't have red pill rages and get mad about how women are. Here's the thing man, as you know if you've read my articles, I've been in healthy and unhealthy relationships. 

What you must understand is sometimes you gotta get a HARD reality check and get flaked on before you meet someone that values your time. 

That's precisely what I dealt with when I did online dating consistently. Understand that this is the reality of women. They want attention and most of them are on their just to get the likes. 

And to remind themselves they feel sexy. And then they have no intentions of ever meeting you for real. That's the facts.

I know I just shot a massive dump in your general direction about online dating. But that's what I'm here for. 

Feel comfortable to leave your comments and concerns down below if you have any questions and concerns.

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