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Top 3 Best Whey Protein to Build Muscle FAST


Top 3 Best Whey Protein to Build Muscle FAST

As a fitness professional of 6 years now, I've found the top 3 best whey protein you'll ever find and I genuinely mean that. 

Throughout this article, I'm going to tell you some vulnerable stories about my younger self that fell for GNC bullshit. 

First and foremost, as a Bucked Up Ambassador, I've noticed immediately the price difference from GNC as opposed to their website. 

This is the first story I want to tell you before proceeding because you will notice how crazy high GNC prices are. 

BEWARE: Overpriced Protein

Brother, I thought years ago that this had the best whey protein out there on the market. Boy was I wrong. 

That doesn't mean that they still don't sell some decent brands that I list out later in this article, however, its how overpriced they go. 

Honestly, just look around the store. I can't tell you how many times I bought some citruline here but then I saw the price difference on Amazon and it blew my mind the difference there is. 

I'm telling you my friend, don't shop here. You are better off ordering online, I genuinely mean that. 

This learning lesson costed me $300 dollars wasted on pre-workouts and whey protein that are not even that great. 

So with that said, let's waste no time, I want to give you the goods in this article. 

Don't Fall For Whey Protein Scams

My friend, please do me a favor and stop falling for whey protein scams. Here's a good way to spot one...

If you see Body Building website promoting a new whey protein formula from a company that isn't even THAT well known. 

That's a bad sign. Clearly, what you don't know is that the fitness industry is extremely political. 

They will promote anything that offers them a good take home check that's a million dollars. 

More importantly, Body fortress is one of the first whey protein I was exposed to from a friend of mine that owns a gym about 12 years ago.

And I've even read some fitness blogs that claim it to be the best tasting protein powder out there. 

I've been in this scene for a long time, believe me, this is far from the best tasting whey protein.

So with that said, it's time for me to share the top three best whey protein to build muscle. 

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3 Best Whey Protein For Men

Some questions that I want you to ask yourself before you even impulsively buy whey protein as I have done this more times than I can count on one hand:

  1. Are there any fillers?
  2. Any toxins or artificial ingredients?
  3. Is it cold processed or heat processed? 

You want cold processed. It will be on the higher end of price, but believe me, it's worth paying a little more money. 

Obviously, this is a given. You know I'm all about putting good quality protein in your body if you've read my nutrition articles.

Heat processed may be cheaper, however, it can denature the protein which makes it harder to digest. 

Bulk Supplements Whey Protein 

Best whey protein in terms of how clean the protein source is

This is hands down the cleanest protein you'll ever find, and I genuinely mean that. It's not even that pricey my friend. 

In case you didn't know, this comes from grass fed cows. Studies have shown that whey protein from grass-fed cows are higher in Omega-3 content. 

Here's my only con to this whey protein is it's a little bland. So here's a great way to add some good flavor:

  • 5 tbsp of Bulk Supplements Whey Protein
  • Half of a banana
  • 2 tbsp of almond butter
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • Half a tsp of Himalayan Pink Salt 
  • 1 cup of Almond Milk
  • Ice in the blender

In case you didn't know, a little bit of salt brings out the flavor. Use a blender my friend. This does taste good. 

Mutant Mass Whey Protein

The best whey protein on the market for taste alone.

Honestly, this is a HUGE improvement from the taste of Bulk Supplements Whey Protein. 

Rich Piana's Mutant Mass Weight Gainer is in my humble opinion, the best tasting whey protein I've ever had in my life. 

And that's saying something, because I've tried all kinds of whey protein throughout the 12 years of being in this niche. 

For six of those years, I've trained several clients. And I recommend them this whey protein when they ask me what to use if they want to gain muscle FAST. 

If you are looking to gain muscle as a hardgainer, I cannot recommend anything better if you're scrawny. 

You are GUARANTEED build muscle as this is a close second to the best whey protein as I gained five pounds of muscle within the span of one month taking this myself!!

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Best whey protein in terms of no fillers, cold processed and supports muscle recovery

There are no fillers or adulterants, and this is easy to digest as opposed to Mutant Mass. Let's face it, even though Mutant Mass is incredible, it has fiber. 

However, I did not get as bloated taking optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein. In fact, I have a whole review going through my results. 

If you want to see my results taking Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein, go through it. There is a MAJOR difference

If you want to bulk up, look no further. Even though it's not cheap, it comes with PLENTY of servings. And as I said, cold processed whey protein is much better for your body. 

I've recommended this protein on my blog frequently and for good reason. Not cheap, but extremely effective for giving you quality whey protein. 

The Bottom Line

As you can tell, there are scams out there you must look out for. However, the top three whey protein that I've provided in this article are high quality protein. 

I encourage you to try each and stick with the one that best suits your body. As a certified PFT, I can recommend you all three of these as very good whey protein. 

Be mindful of how overpriced GNC can get as this is a common newbie mistake that most men make in the fitness scene going to that store and getting overpriced whey protein. 

If you want good quality protein, getting it online is the way to go. You will get free shipping depending on the price. 

You must understand that if you want to build muscle fast, whey protein is fucking critical. Overlooking supplementation is like making a hamburger without a bun. 

That's how fucking important it is if you are serious about gaining muscle. If you are trying to get jacked, whey protein is a necessity.

If you have any questions, comments, and concerns, leave them down below and I'll do my best to address your questions. See you next time! 

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