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Top 5 Best Chest Exercises Of All Time!!


Top 5 Best Chest Exercises Of All Time!!

After reading this article, you will know the top five best chest exercises. More importantly, the most common chest exercises, and I will even throw in some exercises that you gotta stop doing. 

First and foremost, understand that this article is geared towards bodybuilding. It is not the German Volume Style Training that I wrote an article on. 

You gotta know what bodybuilders do my friend. Especially if you want to bulk up fast. Here's the one exercise I want you to stop doing...

The Worst Chest Exercise of All Time

Zero bench flys my friend. Don't do it. I've made this mistake and fallen in to the trap of believing that it would build my chest. 

Here's what I happened. I hurt my front (anterior) shoulder capsule. And it wasn't pretty. 

Believe me when I say this is not good for your chest. Want proof? I encourage you to go through this article.

This is not a safe exercise. You won't bulk your chest, you will just hurt your front shoulder. 

With that said, let's start out with one of the best chest exercises.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Honestly, if you cannot handle the weight of a 45 pound barbell quite yet, don't feel obligated to ego lift and hurt yourself. 

Start out with dumbbells. And slowly progress to using a 45 pound barbell. You see, I would straight use a 45 pound barbell without plates when I first started. 

So don't compare yourself to the next huge guy and focus on YOU. I want you to do 5 sets. One minute recovery in between each sets. 

For the five sets, perform 8 reps. This is really effective to start out muscle stimulation. 

Look brother, I don't want you hurting yourself. So don't ego lift.

Parallel Bar Dip

No leg raise my friends. Just focus on performing good quality dips. In fact, it's not a good idea to go TOO LOW. 

Quality over quantity. Here's what I want you to do, use the assisted dip if you don't have the strength to do unassisted. Gradually work your way up to no weight. 

In fact, it would be wise of you to go through my HIIT article. Do that work out. The less weight you have on your body, the easier it will get to perform this move without assisted weight. 

Perform three sets of 8 reps. Don't forget your minute recovery.

Yes this works the triceps. But it also hits your LOWER chest area.

Close Grip Bench Press

Now it's time to overload the triceps even more!! This exercise is fucking phenomenal for the arms on top of the chest put together! 

Brother, I want you to perform only three sets of 10 reps on this one. And pick a light barbell. 

How I've always instructed this exercise is like this...

"Think of a tricep push-up. You want the elbows against your lats as you lower the bar." 

Believe me, performing this one with REALLY hit the triceps!

Floor Chest Flys

To some extent, I love to hate this exercise. Because I know the bad position of how this exercise fucks with your shoulder on the bench. 

However, it can be good to perform on the floor. Use a mat if you are afraid of germs. 

Here's what I want you to do. Perform this for three rounds till failure!

Yes, you heard that right, TILL FAILURE! 

Pick a lighter weight. I'd suggest 12 to 20 pounds maximum. 

After you reach burnout, drop the weights. And rest it out for one minute till your next round.

 Wide Push-Ups

I'm really not going to tell you how to perform push-ups. If you are new to fitness, read that article. 

However, most people know how to perform push-ups, so I'm going to assume you know how to perform wide push-ups. 

I want you to perform five sets of 10 reps. You heard that right!!

If you think this is hard, honestly, I encourage you to take some Bucked Up. You will need it. 

The point is you GOTTA FUCKING FOCUS. 

Knock out these five sets. Modify if you have to and go to your knees to finish.

Limitless Nootropics

The Takeaway

Understand that you have got to know that bodyweight training does in fact build your body. 

Even though I know some of you might be wondering why incorporate push-ups? 

Understand that when you perform push-ups, you will get better at bench pressing. 

So keep in mind that every exercise has its place. Don't skip any exercise or any set, and don't fucking miss any rep. 

More importantly, I want you to ALWAYS maintain proper technique on every exercise. 

These are the top five best chest exercises. Don't forget to eat properly my friends. 

You need the energy for this chest routine! Get that shit done! And I'll see you legends next time!

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