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How To Change Your Life (Become The Alpha Women Want) Review


Become The Alpha Women Want Review

This is a Become The Alpha Women Want review, however, here's the important caveat to this entire article my friend...

A client of mine I trained named Lisa, she asked me about my book. So I told her straight up, I said to her word-for-word...

"Lisa, this book is more for guys, but if you want to check it out you can, it's on Amazon Kindle."

So she did, it took her a few weeks to get around to it, however, she did it. You are going to find out what she said.

Lisa read my book Become The Alpha Women Want: How To Lead Interactions Naturally. To be clear, I'm leaving videos throughout this article to show you that I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. Lisa is to my left in the YouTube Short.

Become The Alpha Women Want (Female Perspective)

I came to train a core class at 6PM on Tuesday, and here's what happened my dude...

She said to me, "Are you a motivational speaker?"

Flattered, I looked at her and said, "Well you know how I train don't you?"

She laughed and said, "These lines are cute that you write, I noticed that it comes across as cute and motivational."

Brother, here's my confession to you that I must make a damaging admission...

I am a hard motherfucker on a lot of my articles, you'll notice that about me.

Yet I hear from the women I have talked to throughout my life and they say to me all the time...

"Adam, you're a good dude. You're very funny, but you're just so damn intense when you train."

I'm not saying this is false, lol, it's actually very true. I get caught up in my impatience for example to achieve fitness goals.

However to sum up what Lisa said of Become The Alpha Women Want, she said, "I am going to give this book to my son, he can definitely use this information."

What's Covered in Become The Alpha Women Want

Here's what you'll learn my friend, you'll learn the following:

  • How To Position Yourself As The Man Women Want
  • What It REALLY Means To Be An Alpha Male 
  • How To Become Higher Status In Your Mindset
  • The #1 Reason a GROWTH MINDSET is the Key To Success
  • Why Mis-Using The Reciprocity Rule Lands You in the FRIEND ZONE
  • How To Tell When Women Are Testing You
  • How To Tell Stories With Women Effectively
  • The ULTIMATE Paradox of Learning Game
  • How To Get In State And Annihilate Approach Anxiety For Good!

That's literally just scratching the surface. Something I hardly ever talk about on this blog is spirituality, I've touched briefly upon it in Amplifying Masculine Energy.

The whole point is for you (the reader) to understand that what you've been taught by society on how to become higher status is a fucking lie. 

You gotta possess all of the sick looking cars or own real estate properties to look higher status. 

Externalities are not higher status. If you simply understand the psychology of persuasion, you'll get past a woman's bitch shield and appear higher status in her mind.

Women often act this way to screen out insecure guys that try to be Alpha. More on this later.

Many Classmates Read Become The Alpha Women Want

Lisa read it, Rebecca read it, Kelly, and Iryna you see in the video knew about my dating advice. I am open about it. I don't hide anything. 

And that's why I have been working REALLY HARD on being more open about my material as for a long time, I had the limiting belief that learning pick-up is creepy.

So let me rephrase the term pick-up because there are SO MANY dating coaches that I've noticed still even act like it's weird...

You are learning social skills. This is what most dating coaches won't say my friend. More coaches I've noticed came out and said their real name.

It's because no one really likes the term pick-up. It puts a bad taste in their mouth. You bring up this topic to the average guy and he says...

"Why should I have to learn this? It's weird, I don't want to become the alpha women want."

And here's what I have to say to you my friend, I'll say this very briefly, I talked to my ex-girlfriend about this, here's what she said...

"No, I don't think it's weird, I think it's very courageous for a man to learn social skills."

So let me bottom line this entire section brother...

Many women know about my book Become The Alpha Women Want. They've read it. Some of them read it more than once. 

The book is designed for you to gain back your confidence and self-worth as I have tasks laid out for you to complete.

Most Advice on Becoming The Alpha Women Want is Complete Shit

Do these five things to become more of an Alpha Male! If you do this one simple habit, you'll become more Alpha. These Top Ten Behaviors Will MAKE YOU More Alpha.

I read some of these articles in the manosphere. I fucking slap my forehead because none of this shit is even remotely good advice. 

In case you didn't know this, you cannot just manifest in to an Alpha Male overnight and I say this to you starting out in the book...

"This is a marathon, not a sprint. This will take time."

And right here this is exactly why I have a hard time seeing eye to eye with masculinity advice nowadays.  

The number one thing you must understand to become the alpha women want is you really have to take what other people say about this very carefully because they focus on changing your style or your look. 

That goes without saying, I'm ALL ONBOARD with self-improvement to maximize your looks, however, it doesn't address the underlying internal mindset issue that most men have. 

Become The Alpha Women Want focuses solely on the internal underlying issues as I cover in great detail on how to work on your inner confidence. 

"Your inner world creates your outer world." T. Harv Eker

Trying To Be Alpha Never Works

Acting busy with no pants on isn't how to become the alpha women want

Let me be as black and white as possible as I normally am on my blog. When you try to act Alpha, you're not Alpha. 

In fact, it looks incongruent to women. Women know when they meet an Alpha Male. He gives off that natural manly vibe. 

You shouldn't have to try to act like an Alpha Male, if you have to do that, then here's what will happen...

When a woman tests your confidence, you reveal your true colors that you aren't Alpha at all.

It's like a hot girl that acts cute like she wants a shiny object from you so she tries to get you to use your resources. I'm saying this as an example. 

By the way, if you fall for a women's request for compliance, you are 100% a BETA-MALE.

You'll find my work is more heavily related to understanding the psychology of persuasion. Fail her compliance tests consistently, this tells me you haven't use my material properly.

This is the level of neediness that comes out when you try to act Alpha. Simply put, you gotta realize that applying my material takes time and discipline.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I'll briefly touch upon an inspiration of me writing Become The Alpha Women Want, I'll say this as quickly as possible...

Most people have a natural urge to NEVER want to change their ways. In fact, just the title of this book alone you might even be slightly irritated by the title.

However, Doctor Wayne Dyer is one of those once-in-a-lifetime spiritual teachers that spreads the most positive message that I've ever seen in a human being. 

Years ago I saw him speak, this was before he passed away. My friend, I have a shit memory, so for me to remember this is saying something. He really moved me. He inspired me to look within myself.

Even though this is a review on my book, you'll notice that when you buy it, this is a reference. Becoming more of an Alpha Male requires you to be open to changing your beliefs.

So here's how I can bottom line this section. Stop believing everything you think on what it means to become the alpha women want. A true Alpha Male is completely carefree and doesn't give a fuck about problems. 

An Alpha Male embraces problems and turns it in to power. He leverages everything he can get his hands on and part of that requires changing his mindset and perspective.

Become The Alpha Women Want Review (The Bottom Line)

I could honestly go on and on about the good feedback I've gotten from women on my material. 

How Lisa said she's going to have his son read his book. How Rebecca said it's very well written, and how Marni of the Wing Girl Method interviewed me on Facebook in Get Inside Her Inner Circle and loved it as well.

But really it's up to you at the end of the day to realize that most Alpha Male advice is to try to be something you're not. You cannot just expect instant results. 

This is why I was slightly hesitant to review my own work. However, I'm starting to see REALLY bad advice for men that is spread all across the internet nowadays. 

What you must understand is that you gotta be open to changing your outlook and your mind on what it means to Become The Alpha Women Want. Most people are resistant to change. 

So here's my final piece of wisdom before I ditch out and continue writing my next book...

Women want to know deep down that you are your own man without them having to be there for you all the time. More importantly, a woman doesn't want to teach a man on how to be a man. 

Feel comfortable to comment below, let me know if there is anything you want me to cover that you have any questions and concerns with.


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