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Are You CREEPY For Learning How To Pick-Up Women?


My friend, I’m glad you stumbled across this article because you are about to find out if pick-up creepy, and if it’s shallow to learn game.

Throughout the years of learning pick-up myself, and encountering guys that AMOG and try to get status on me for having game, I’ve got shamed, hated on, and even been in arguments with immature men.

Luckily, it never escalated in to a fight, however, you are going to learn why the average man thinks it’s shallow and think pick-up is creepy.

Here’s how most guys try to pick up women, they buy expensive gifts, and they try to be the nice guy which lands you in the friend zone. 

First things first, we have to address why you think pick-up is creepy, because this may be the most important part of why you are creeping women out for believing this limiting belief.

Why You Think Pick-Up is Creepy

Most people ask me what my side hustle is, right? And here’s what I tell them, “You really don’t want to know.”

Because here’s what I’ve noticed in my experiences with men, they ask, “oh you teach game, that’s cool, I bet I’ve fucked more women.”

I shake my head because this is juvenile behavior. My friend, body count is tied to your ego, and when you act like that, then you tell me, “that’s weird, you shouldn’t have to teach pick-up, you’re either born good with women or you’re just lucky.”

Bad mindset. You see, this is partially why you think pick-up is creepy. It’s because you have a fixed mindset on pick-up.

And it blows my mind that the general population think this is creepy. 

You wanna know what’s creepy? You being socially mis-calibrated by not seeing when a woman doesn’t want you to escalate.


Let me tell you what else is creepy, let’s say for example, you do have a successful seduction. 

But then you ask her relationship questions, “Will you be my girlfriend?” 

“Do you love me? When are you open next?” I slap my forehead. Bro, never confess your love to a woman so damn soon.

This screams lower status behavior. You see, you can still fuck up even after sleeping with a woman.

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Is Learning Game Creepy?

Is Learning Game Creepy? - Creepy for Learning


Here’s what the average man thinks about pick-up, that is “I’m being creepy if I learn this toxic skill.”

And these are my thoughts…

I hear you, I used to think that years ago about pick-up, however, at that time in my life, I was fresh out of a toxic relationship. 

And I kept repelling women because I thought picking up women was creepy and you have to just be lucky to have game.

Then here’s what I did, I worked with a coaches and improved myself.

In fact, one can say that I improved immensely with women. 

Now, at that time was I reading The Game by Neil Strauss?

No I wasn’t. In fact, I worked on inner game first.

You see, I was exposed to that book after working with coaches.

What exposed me to this controversial book, is how fucking loud society shames pick-up.

If you’re looking to learn game, I suggest you read it with an open mind, don’t jump to conclusions based on what society says about it.

Mainstream View on Pick-up

People are taking a skill that men want to learn to improve themselves, and they are shaming every single guy calling them a misogynist.

I went deeper, I thought to myself, “Jesus, how stupid do you think women are to think that they can be easily manipulated?”

Here’s what I know, women are some of the smartest, intuitive human beings on the planet, and society is making you think it’s toxic and that women are just naive and are easily seduced.

Just watch the news my friend, it’s rare that they interview pickup artists, however, it’s to showcase how the mainstream media frames pick-up.

It doesn’t matter how old the case with Julien Blanc is. It’s the fact that this is how most people think of learning game.

They frame it as creepy and misogynistic.

What this means when you read between the lines is the media is saying…

“You cannot learn pick-up without improving your attractiveness, you just look like your tricking women in to bed.”

I want to say this again…

How stupid do you think women are if they are easily manipulated by men?

The average man doesn’t think that you can learn this without coming across as creepy. I’m about to give you a rude awakening…

Learning Game is Essential

Learning Game is Essential

Learning game is not all about learning pick-up lines and tricks to manipulate women in to bed. 

And in fact, if you have read the book the game, the idea behind this book is it comes across as  even if you suck with women, you have to learn these “pick up lines” to get women.

Learning game is the opposite. In fact, learning this skill is essential. What society leaves out is all it takes is to be confident and have self-love.

And the mainstream media cannot swallow this “Red pill.” They just want to make a quick buck to get your attention.

Learning game is being confident in yourself. It’s being a man on your purpose and women are a side benefit.

Does society tell you that? Fuck no. They love scaring people and overdramatizing everything.

The reason why learning game is essential is because when you learn game, you end up becoming a better, more confident version of YOU.

Pick-Up is Not Meant To Be Creepy

Pick-Up is Not Meant To Be Creepy - Creepy for Learning
Pick-up is meant to be fun and becoming a more charismatic version of yourself.


Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Pick-up is designed for you to just be your most genuine authentic self.

I know, you’ve heard this before, so let me be more specific. When you meet, attract, date, and more importantly, pick-up women, you aren’t manipulating anyone.

You simply become a more attractive version of yourself. In fact, if you’re a go-giver, you give off the perfect vibe to women.

And that is SOOO CREEPY. Giving women good energy is the opposite of creepy.

I know I’m being a smart-ass, but this is why I don’t advocate you listening to what people tell you if they say you’re creepy.

I’ve been told that many times. And I also used to think learning game was creepy!

That is what I had to work on. And this is what I mean, it’s called Inner Game. Having healthy inner game is what you want.

That is simply knowing your values, boundaries, and code of life. Also you have purpose. A man on purpose is non-needy.

Neediness is what creeps women out. Let me tell you something, when you’re needy, that translates in to being creepy.

The Purpose of Life is to Procreate

The Purpose of Life is to Procreate
the purpose of life is for you to procreate with the opposite sex, just don’t have a creepy vibe around women


Giving you more “red pill” truths my friend. Part of the purpose is to meet a woman that genuinely loves you.

And that means learning game is extremely important to know. Why? Because when you learn game, you are becoming LESS CREEPY.

Why are you become less creepy? Because when you get socially calibrated (which means social intuition) you can pick up on someone’s intentions faster than ever.

I’ve been in so many damn situations where I sensed that their were guys that wanted to AMOG me and I pulled women aside and said, “Let’s go over here, this guy is giving me the creeps.”

When I say AMOG, that basically means guys that are lower status attempting to be higher status by acting full of themselves and being loud.

It’s hard to explain, the more calibrated you are, the more you can predict human behavior. 

So essentially, here is the whole point behind this article is you are supposed to learn how to pick up women THE RIGHT WAY.

Because as you know, the purpose of life is to survive and replicate. 

That’s like saying it’s creepy to learn how to get good at lifting weights when you’re a hardgainer. Do you see my point here?

Learning game is just like learning any other life skill. And it’s important that you don’t let society tell you that you’re creepy.

You improving yourself to approach women and ATTRACT THEM FIRST before asking for the number is not creepy.

Common Mistakes That Make You Creepy

Common Mistakes That Make You Creepy
pick-up is creepy when you have a taker mentality

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Have you ever been in a situation where a woman does this to you? Here’s why this happens. Half the time she can sense you have a taker mentality. And if you’ve read what women find unattractive, this is a surefire way to blow yourself out.

If you ever have the vibe that you want something from a woman, she can sense it, and yes, you will absolutely get blown out. That’s not picking up women, thats scaring women away. 

Secondly, you are closing her on the phone number too soon. Asking for the phone number really fast isn’t picking up women. In fact, as I said, you must ATTRACT them first.

Thirdly, if you’re waiting to get in with a woman, meaning you are a beta-orbiter, and you become her shoulder to cry on, that is creepy. That’s basically you being an emotional tampon, no offense. This is one of the reasons you’ve been friend zoned.

The last and in my opinion, the most important is incongruence. What is incongruence? It’s the severance between your thoughts, words, and actions. 

Basically, when you go up to her putting on a mask and being something you’re not, women see right passed it. And this is what creeps women out. It’s incongruence. Women are going to test your congruence, and if you crumble, you just failed.

Here’s what I suggest you do my friend, read about the five psychological biases and you’ll realize that what I teach works.

The Bottom Line



So here’s the bottom line my friend. Society has zeroed in on the weird pick-up artists, but that doesn’t mean for you to NOT learn how to pick-up women THE RIGHT WAY.

It’s time that you tune out the loud conditioning that tells you certain life skills are toxic. Here’s what is messed up, society doesn’t tell you the positive side of game. 

They talk about the negatives every chance they get, why is it that? It’s a money making business. How do I know this? My friend, I went to school for communications, I took a class called Mass Media and Society.

We covered mean world view, and this is what fucks with your head, it literally puts you in a bad state of mind. Do you want to be in a bad state of mind? Because this is what society does.

All they want to do is to grab your attention. And scaring you is how they do that. So tune out societies loud noise.

When you learn game and it’s done effectively, you make a woman laugh, feel good, and give her charisma. That is what good game looks like.


My smart ass remarks come up to the surface. Here’s the honest answer…

No you’re not creepy for learning pick-up. There are haters and chodes that will creep women out because they hate on the idea of self improvement in seduction.

Learning game will give you confidence and it gives you the ability to flirt effectively. More importantly, women want to know you can communicate with them without being incongruent.

Society again zeroes in on the 1% of pick-up artists that might have weird intentions, and it gives them the wrong idea that it’s the entire pick-up community.

In fact some of the pick-up artist coaches I’ve personally worked with are genuinely kind people. 

I’ll shout out Mark Sing and Marni from the Wing Girl Method here.

They lead with a giving hand. So again, my friend, don’t feel creepy around women because learning this skill is not toxic.

Gentlemen, I greatly appreciate you reading through this. Share this with a friend if he thinks pick-up is creepy.

If you want to learn game and connect, comment down below, I’ll do my best to respond to all of your questions.




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