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Animal Pak: Is It The Best Bodybuilder’s Multivitamin in 2024?


I’m sure you heard of this product called Animal Pak if you lift consistently. In fact, Animal Pak is indeed fucking amazing and I’m going to tell you a few pro’s and cons to this product.

This product hands down in my opinion is one of the best body builder’s multivitamin. I want to be clear before we move forward, I am not a doctor, so if you have to consult with your doctor before taking this, then I suggest you do it.

Because I don’t want to be responsible for people that email me and say, “Adam, I had a bad reaction.”  

So here’s the all important point to the entire article before I talk about this fucking awesome product…

Consult With Your Doctor First


You’ve gotta consult with your doctor. Have them look at the product. More importantly, you must know your body. The reason?

A lot of people miss this part before they even purchase vitamin’s in general.

Generally speaking, people don’t do their own research. They don’t know their own bodies and how it can respond to it.

So I will say this to you brother, you must do this. Ask your doctor if you can take this product. 

And to be clear, you gotta work out in conjunction with taking this bodybuilders multivitamin or you won’t see results my friend.


If you have a good weightlifting regime, then you can get the results similar to mine. 

However, I gotta be honest, you thinking that taking pills that involve no working out is not going to get you any results.

So even though I provide a massive difference in my physique, I don’t want to mislead you to think that just taking this will get you huge. Because in all honesty, that’s not how it works.

Get the notion out of your head if you think that you can take this product without working out will get you huge.

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Animal Pak Product Ingredients

As you can see there are several reason’s why I love this product, let me tell you why. First reason, you get four complexes:

  • Amino Acid Complex
  • Performance Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex

Another reason why I love this product is because it promotes muscle recovery. That means you gotta take this after working out.

I also encourage you to listen to my podcast below to hear everything that’s in the product.

Con’s of Animal Pak

Here’s the number one reason I have a slight gut problem from one of the pills that it comes with.

It’s not the end of the world, it simply causes constipation for me personally. So for that reason, I am giving this a 9/10.

However, the quality is fucking impressive and I really love everything else about Animal Pak. 

I strongly encourage you take this for example, after you do one of my German Volume Training routines.

This is the only con to this entire product, again, not the end of the world, just requires that you consult with your doctor as I said.

Pro’s of Animal Pak

I have been taking Animal Pak for a little under a year (about 9 months to be exact) and I cannot believe the focus I have in the gym. You definitely have got to give this product a shot. Nervous about gut side effects?

I would still take it brother. A pessimist sees the risk in EVERYTHING. The optimist sees the opportunity to grow. Your mindset and perspective matters man.

This product comes in a tin container and it’s filled with pouches of pills. The serving size does say two packs. However, I only take one, that’s how I am, I want this to last awhile when I buy it.


In fact, unless if you are lifting insanely heavy (and you are lifting smart) take one pack brother. So that means if you are doing legs for example, and you know you are lifting heavy, that’s the one time I will encourage you to take two packs.

More importantly, here is the biggest pro to Animal Pak in my mind, it has a strong brand reputation and third party laboratories to verify the ingredients, and it increases testosterone. 

Does Animal Pak Boost Testosterone?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES. Bro, this product is proven to increase testosterone. In a world where men are losing their masculine drive, this is an essential part of you as all men must increase their testosterone because according to Forbes, testosterone is declining rapidly, just read this resource.

You are not the man your father was. It’s crazy to me how bad this country has so many men sitting on their ass. If you go through that article from Forbes, you’ll see that studies show testosterone levels have been declining for decades.

So here are the ingredients in Animal Pak PROVEN to increase testosterone my handsome friend:

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • L-Arginine (for pumps)
  • Uni-Liver
  • Oriental Ginseng
  • Selenium

In fact, that’s enough testosterone to feel fucking epic after you knock out your workout brother.

Nootropics in Animal Pak

As you can hear in the podcast if you listen to it, there are also Nootropics in this fucking awesome product.

So here is the list of Nootropics in Animal Pak:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • CoQ10
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
  • And so much fucking more than that!

This right here makes this multivitamin the best bodybuilder’s multivitamin out there today.

I love Nootropics, because from my 3 powerful pre-workouts, you know that I’ve endorsed Beyond Raw Lit.

And there is nothing more exhilarating than taking Beyond Raw Lit before working out, then after I workout, taking this bodybuilder’s multivitamin with some food.

You are guaranteed to spike testosterone, more importantly, improve your focus.

The Final Verdict

So let me cover a few questions you may have about this product and tell you the final verdict…

Here’s what Animal Pak is and what the benefits are brother:

  • Animal pak is a bodybuilders multivitamin created by Universal Nutrition.
  • It’s got an impressive nutrient profile
  • Has ingredients proven to increase testosterone
  • Nootropics are found in Animal Pak

The dosage and the timing to take Animal Pak:

  • It’s best that you take this after working out
  • Take it with a decently large meal
  • One pack is eleven pills so I recommend taking this in the middle of your meal

Listen to the podcast to hear what the pills are in the product. You’ll hear potential side effects if you have a sensitive gut.

However, I want to be clear in case if you are on the fence, for me personally, the gut issues are not horrible.

So sometimes I take the ginseng, other times I don’t. What I mean to say is this…

Don’t let that be the reason you don’t try this really good bodybuilder’s multivitamin. 

Because I fucking love this product, this product can and will give you a powerful boost in testosterone, help you build muscle that is if you take this at the right time, boost metabolism, and more importantly, improve your overall health.

Feel comfortable to comment below if you have anymore questions and you can follow me on Twitter here.

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