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7 Unattractive Limiting Beliefs EVERYONE Has About Seduction


It’s time that we cover unattractive limiting beliefs EVERYONE has about seduction and why this KILLS your chances of not only dating the women you want, but it stops you from seducing women.

Not only are these unattractive limiting beliefs repulsive to women, they also kill your game. One little inkling of belief that you have if you believe them, it stop’s you from closing women on sex.

Do you often say to yourself, “I’m not tall enough, fit enough, muscular enough, rich enough, or even happy enough,” to have a high quality woman in your life?

If you do, then my friend, let’s start here, because a scarcity mentality will never get you laid. In fact, this negative self-talk women sincerely pick up on more than what you think.

Why is that? Because your beliefs about yourself are a reflection of how you hold yourself. The simple way you walk sub-communicates to women that you feel like you aren’t enough.

In fact I want to start here, because this is what we must do before we start on the seven unattractive limiting beliefs, we must acknowledge this negative self-talk and turn it around. 

So how do we do that? Here’s what you do my friend, simply watch your mind, and turn any self-sabotaging thought that kills masculinity, turn it around in to a more empowering belief.

Erase Unattractive Limiting Beliefs

Erase Unattractive Limiting Beliefs

One of the biggest reasons for writing this article is because I recently put up my second book Closer’s Guide to Seduction on  Amazon Kindle, and I remembered how much I use to struggle with this myself.

I had these beliefs like “My friend is taller, so he’s better with girls.” Then when I worked with coaches, I realized that this is all in my head.

Not only did I realize that negative self-talk screwed me over, but it literally stopped me from getting the results I wanted in my social life.

So let me spell this out for you my friend, if you have any “not enough” type of thought’s in your head, you’ve got to stop this. Because I know where you’re at.

Here’s what you do, simply say to yourself, “Shut the hell up and erase it, this is not my higher self.”

Why do we do this? Because this will help you erase limiting beliefs.

Any thought that you have of “not enough” I want you to focus on and say, “Shut the hell up. Snap out of it. “

From here on forward, watch your nagging thoughts that try to sneak up on you and stop them dead in its tracks.

So now that I covered the most important part, let’s get in to the first unattractive limiting belief…

Masculinity Cannot Be Trusted

Masculinity Cannot Be Trusted
This is a very unattractive limiting belief on seduction because you must have a masculine mindset to get women attracted to you


Your masculinity is essential to seducing women. No I don’t mean you turn in to a fucking gorilla and have forced confidence.

I mean that you must have the heart of a warrior when you seduce women. They absolutely love masculine men.

Not only that, masculinity is what brought your parents together to have you my friend. 

Your dad put his manhood in to your mom or you wouldn’t be here.

All women love it when a man embodies masculine energy. 

Here’s my guess on why you think masculinity cannot be trusted.

You probably were let down by your father because he didn’t give you the love and attention you deserved. 

So instead, you were raised by your mom. This is a an educated guess, however, this is how you have a lack of a father figure.

Meaning he didn’t give you that direction and leadership he was supposed to give you. 

So you rely on feminine qualities to try to impress women and you want to be validated.

That is not good man, in fact, masculinity is essential if you want to turn a woman on. 

Yep you heard that right, masculinity turns women on. All this attack against masculinity you must tune out.

Because it’s highly overdramatized and it’s designed to make you feel guilty for being a man.

Since society shames masculinity, this is the first unattractive limiting belief I must start out with.

So cut out watching media that tries to guilt trip you on being the masculine man you were born as.

Start saying to yourself..


Sex is Wrong and Shameful

Sex is Wrong and Shameful
if you believe sex is wrong and shameful, then this unattractive limiting belief will inhibit you from seducing women.


Stop feeling guilty for wanting to have sex. It’s not only natural, but it’s evolution.

There’s no good reason for you to believe this. And if you still believe it, then let’s talk about it.

Why do you think sex is wrong and shameful? 

You’re not getting anywhere good when you believe this toxic belief.

In fact it’s a highly unattractive limiting belief about seduction. 

This is not a good belief to have, especially if you’re a reader of my blog and you want to use my dating advice.

I can guarantee you that there’s a part of you that want’s to think, “Sex is wrong and shameful.”

Because this is one of the most common unattractive limiting beliefs on this whole list.

Sexual deviance is a real issue and no one wants to talk about it.

So even if you can just be comfortable talking about it, you are good to go. 

I recommend you check out my very first podcast on any platform where you can hear me talking about sex with my partner.

Being comfortable and accepting your sexuality is top priority. So start saying to yourself…


Be proud my friend, be proud of that drive and libido you have. Obviously don’t force anything on anyone because that’s not cool.

Simply embrace your sexuality because if you have shame surrounding your sexuality, women pick up on it very fast.

Women Are Manipulators

Women Are Manipulators
Believing all women are manipulators is an unattractive limiting belief


I have to be clear, I have been with manipulative women. In fact, you’ll hear all about the crazy story of a master manipulator in my upcoming book.

I will tell you, I own the fact that I vet women heavily from dating basically a narcissist that was incredibly selfish and codependent, very emotionally incapable of handling a healthy relationship.

And this is the woman I referred to that wanted me to be a genuine asshole in 7 reason’s assholes get girls. So this is the small sub-section of women to look out for that are highly unhealthy.

However, I am telling YOU, even though I was with a fucking psycho, I got over it and I’m currently with a very emotionally mature woman.

That is from tackling my trauma’s head on and moving passed it. So here’s what I suggest you do if you think all women are manipulators…

Yes there are crazy women out there. They are the ones that also say, “I’m not crazy.” 

The mentally healthy and emotionally capable women will admit that they have their moments.

However, if you see a red flag, you’re lowering your standards my dude. Hate to break it to you.

Because these girls are complete psychos and you’ll find they are VERY GOOD at seducing men.

This is why you screen and vet women heavily before you let them in to your life. 

If you think she’s super hot and you don’t want anything to do with her other than having sex, this is the one time where I will tell you to have a one-night stand.

Nothing more than that. Don’t get too involved with crazy women, I’m telling you from experience, not worth it man.

But also a very unattractive limiting belief is to mistake the entire population of women are manipulators.

That’s not true, there are good women out there. You gotta keep your hopes up.

You’re Not Worthy For a High Quality Woman

You're Not Worthy For a High Quality Woman
You are worth it my friend so stop believing this unattractive limiting belief. High quality women deserve to meet you and you must throw this bad belief away right now!



Why is such a terrible belief? Because clearly, this thought literally puts you in the wrong mindset of supplicating to women.

Not to mention it is detrimental to your success. You came to a blog called the masculine mindset.

That means stop self-sabotaging your own self-image. Because that is not masculine.

If you ever say, “I am not worthy for a high quality woman.” 

Then as I said, you will attract these type of lower quality women to yourself. 

And this is not masculine to telling yourself these bad limiting beliefs.

That means if you tell yourself this, it is detrimental to seducing the women that you actually want in your life.

Let’s say for example, the woman in the picture is exactly your type, how would you react if she gave you the green light?

Well I’d tell you what you do, you’d hesitate and second guess yourself, because you think you’re unworthy.

So this is the belief that I’d tackle ASAP. I would say, “Shut the hell up, erase that, because this is not helping.”

It’s Wrong to Seduce Women

It's Wrong to Seduce Women - Unattractive Limiting Beliefs
An unattractive limiting beliefs is you think it’s wrong to seduce women like this.


What a toxic unattractive limiting belief man. It’s wrong to seduce women. More like it’s wrong when you don’t give them the gift of your handsome looks.

In fact, if you give women good energy, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with you seducing women.

As long as you aren’t being pushy, forceful, or rude and doing unwanted advances when she say’s no.

That’s when it’s wrong to seduce women. However, if you meet a woman that wants to be seduced by you…

But you haven’t made a move because you think it’s wrong to seduce women, that is when this unattractive limiting belief will hold you back from dating and seducing women you want.

I have news for you my friend, all women want to be seduced! All of them! 

So that means you must erase this unattractive limiting belief as it’s not helping you progress.

Remember just say, “Shut the hell up, erase that, this is not my higher self.”

The more you believe this unattractive limiting belief, the more you won’t seduce women.

It’s Wrong to Have Power

It's Wrong to Have Power - Unattractive Limiting Beliefs
Unattractive limiting belief is that power is wrong because being powerful is required to having confidence in the bedroom


This is where I get a lot of controversy thrown at me for promoting masculine power as I discussed in the shocking truth of Adam Skoda. However, you’ll find that being powerful is a good thing when seducing women.

In fact, here’s what this can be summed up by with having power in the bedroom, it’s simply called The Sex God Method.

This is a book I’ve referenced in Closer’s Guide to Seduction because of the fact that having power can give you the ultimate edge in the bedroom.

Having power when seducing women is essential my friend, because women want to know that you have more energy than them to give them a passionate experience they’ve DREAMED ABOUT.

So how is that wrong? It’s not wrong my handsome friend. This is an unattractive limiting belief because you must be in the power position to sweep her off of her feet. 

Women absolutely LOVE a powerful man that can give her smashing orgasms and fuck her properly.

So let me sum this up for you, masculine power not only gives you the ultimate edge in the bedroom, it gives you the energy of a bad boy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women say, “You have the energy of a bad boy in bed, it’s so sexy.”

I’m not saying that to toot my own horn, I’m saying because I want you to know how much women love a man that commands his presence in bed and shows her how powerful he is.

So it’s time that you get rid of this unattractive limiting belief because you must be in the power position in the bedroom!

It’s Not Okay to Communicate Sexual Desires

It's Not Okay to Communicate Sexual Desires

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Here’s where I want you to go listen to my podcast How To Comfortably Talk About Sex With Your Partner.

Why? Because if you’re uncomfortable with communicating you’re desires, you are not going to seduce women.

Because how else can you communicate what you want in bed?

It is absolutely essential to communicate what you want in the bedroom.

If that makes you uncomfortable, I sincerely wonder how you get sex my friend.

You really can’t if you are THAT uncomfortable. So listening to my podcast will help you get more in to the present moment.

I take you through the entire seduction process in this podcast episode 😉

So here’s how I’m spelling this out for you before you even get my book on Pre-Order..

Get more comfortable with your own sexuality. The more comfortable you are, the better off you’ll be.

So let’s talk about why this is an unattractive limiting belief, it’s unattractive because you’re literally stopping yourself from communicating what you want in bed.

In fact, even though all of these unattractive limiting beliefs are horrible, I’d say this one is the one that must be addressed first as if you continue believing this, your close rate will stay at ZERO. 

The Bottom Line

Unattractive Limiting Beliefs
How To Leverage Preselection Article


It’s time for you to address these unattractive limiting beliefs because if you don’t, then women will find you very unattractive.

The more you believe that your masculinity is toxic for example, you are going to not trust the masculinity inside yourself.

And as you and I both know, society wants to shame this, so I suggest you follow your own lead. 

Even if you have to mentally become a sigma male and be good enough on your own, I’d rather you do that than believe any of these unattractive limiting beliefs.

Because not addressing these will not help you attract the women you want. 

In fact, you’ll be less confident if you don’t listen to me.

So if you’re thinking, “Adam you’re full of shit, I can get girls and believe power is wrong.”

Cool bro, that’s on you that you have such a big FIXED MINDSET and think that power is wrong, it’s evil, it’s a sin.

Let me tell you the facts, women absolutely love a man that has a POWERFUL DRIVE to fuck her the right way.

So you telling me that any of this is wrong, that tells me you’re not willing to grow yourself in the most powerful man possible.

Bottom line is you must address all of these and say, “I am enough to have a high quality woman.”

“I am proud of my sexual desires. I am a powerful man that turns women on. I am a seducer.”

So tackle these beliefs if you have them, and feel free to email me any questions…

Feel comfortable to leave any comments, concerns and questions below.

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