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7 Secret Hacks to Higher Status Nonverbal Communication


Higher Status Nonverbal Communication

7 Secret Hacks to Higher Status Nonverbal Communication

“How do you attract women with Higher Status Nonverbal Communication?”

That is a great question, and I intend to answer that question and also overdeliver by giving you tactical steps you can take action on immediately the next time you go out to meet women!

So I want to first tell you something that you probably didn’t know…

Status and possession of resources (like expensive suits and cars) are short term instant gratification.

The fact is that’s fake. Your nonverbal communication cannot be faked. Everything is communicated through nonverbal communication and women are designed read it unconsciously.

That’s how they can see you as a potential mate. I cannot make that any more clear.

Body language is what most people pick up on more than what you say.

And now here is something else that is going to blow your mind…

When conversing with a woman, she is going to pick up more on your vocal tonality than the words you say.

I want you to start giving less value to the words you say.

But wait, I thought you said you should flirt in a higher status way and charm women effectively?

Yes, I hear you, however, I’m here to tell you that body language is 55% of communication.

Here’s the interesting part, 38% is vocal communication, and more importantly, the last part is 7% words.

This was broken down by a researcher of body language Albert Mehrabian.

In this article,  you are going to discover secret hacks to higher status nonverbal communication and I will answer all of the questions you want to know so that you don’t go through years of learning this shit like me.

What I First Learned Getting in to Game
Higher Status is Also Communicated in the Way You Walk

What I First Learned Getting in to Game

As you know, I’m highly in to fitness and from this picture, you can see that I competed in Beachbody Classic.

It was about 5 years ago before competition in 2017.

Before competition, I was approaching women A LOT and here’s something I learned through thirty rejections…

At that time, I was giving off lower status body language. So what did I do? 

I decided that I’m not going to get down on myself and just take it as a learning lesson…

I learned about The Ownership Approach. Thankfully I learned this before walking on the stage.

What is The Ownership Approach? It’s simply approaching everyone with expansive, confident body language. This is what helped me fight through my approach anxiety. JUST OWN YOUR SPACE!

I cannot stress this part enough, this is just one little hack, I’m going to give you more.

Understand that you’re going to get rejected if you have lower status body language. 


What I Learned By Competing in a Physique Show
When You’re Competing (You’re Nonverbal Communication Must Be Higher Status)

What I Learned By Competing in a Physique Show

This was my biggest a-ha moment and a wake-up call to why body language is so fucking important in social dynamics and all communications between everyone else.

I learned that you cannot have any nervous mannerism or they see you as lower status. They won’t say it to your face because they are afraid of social pressure. 

I want to make this abundantly clear, that doesn’t mean you compete in a Fitness Physique Show because you think you’ll get good with women. I question your intentions if that’s the case.

Masculine higher status men are internally validated and they don’t care if they win or lose a fitness competition because the only person they compete with are themselves, not other people.

So what does this mean for you? It means if you want to have higher status nonverbal communication, you drop all expectations and validation. If you think about it, winning the trophy is a side benefit of you working on your body through hard workouts.



And to be clear, you don’t have to compete in fitness to be higher status. I want to say that one more time (man to man) my dude, don’t compare yourself to me. Higher status is in your mindset!

You must be nonreactive during high stakes such as competing in a fitness physique show. You are calm under pressure, and it shows in your body language and how you walk.

So now we’ve addressed that you must have higher status body language and have The Ownership Approach, it’s time that we get in to the seven hacks that will level up your game to new heights 😉

 Higher Status Posture

 Higher Status Posture

Have you ever had a hard conversation with a woman (you know it’s not going to work out) and you lean in?

It would be wise of you to watch how your body language is when you come across a challenge.

First thing I noticed in myself years ago when I broke it off with a woman that I KNEW were no good for me, I noticed I was leaning towards her.

I fully own the fact that I once had lower status body language. It takes a true man to own his mistakes and be responsible to change the little things. 

Don’t lean in, its lower status. You are over-investing in the interaction. Lean back and have better posture.

Trust me, I remember this like it was yesterday. The woman I was seeing at the time when I broke it said to me, “why are you leaning towards me?”

I ignored her and simply said, “Have a good one.”

Even though I ignored her frame check (which is what you should do), I realized that when you are breaking up with a woman, be mindful of your body language and if you lean in too much.

It’s super subtle, but believe me, just correcting your posture will make you look higher status.

Like me, you’re probably doing this. I learned this the hard way.

So have better posture my dude, especially when you deal with difficult hard conversations.

Higher Status Smirking
Smirking is higher status as opposed to smiling

Higher Status Smirking

Now there is something to be said about smiling and how it can be comforting, however, a lot of guys smile too big when approaching the hottest woman they see.

So my dude, I want you to work on this because too much smiling can have the reverse effect. When she see’s you’re smiling more than her, she can get weirded out like it’s too much.

Simply go to a mirror and practice smirking. If you want to see smirking examples, just look at George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, even Adam Levine. They all have a great smirk. 

Here are some great examples of smirking, I’ll show you it here. Remember, smirking builds tension. Smiling can be too much over-investment.

One of my female friends watches this show called The Vampire Diaries. This character Damon Salvatore, it appears he had SOOO many women drooling over him when the show was popular.

So I watched his character, what made him so attractive to women? He has a good smirk and if you watch his character (with an open mind of course) you’ll see how carefree and self-amused he is.

Carefreeness is really attractive to nine’s and ten’s. 

Higher Status Nonverbal Communication
Higher Status Eye Contact

You Don’t Even Want To Know

Have you read how to master flirting with your eyes? It’s required reading to fully understand it my friend.

One important point on eye contact is you want to shift your attention from woman to woman until you see her pupils dilate, and then incorporate this look.

Very powerful, I’ll tell you another story. 

I was at Starbucks and there is this Barista I know that has a thing for me, let’s call her Bella.

Funny enough at that time I was writing one of my fitness articles at that time.

We locked eye contact and I saw her give me that strong “you don’t even want to know” look. True fucking story.

So what does it look like? It looks like you know something she doesn’t.

In my case, Bella knew something I didn’t.

She looked at me like I was a plate of pancakes that she wanted to devour.

However, I was writing at that time so I was in the zone.

So I smirked at her, and got back to blogging.

What can you learn from this? Women communicate with her eyes my dude, more than what they say.

I’m going to write another article about the story of Bella and how she got so damn sprung, stay tuned 😉

 The Qualifying Higher Status Smile
Give a Genuine Higher Status Smile When Women Have Earned It

 The Qualifying Higher Status Smile

Listen man, I could write out an entire article on qualifying but that’s not the goal here.

I’ll make this simple for you, do you know those questions interviewers ask you when you’re being screened?

“So tell me about yourself.”

“What do you do outside of work?”

“Tell me about a time when you’ve been faced with a difficult situation.”

This is verbal qualifying. They are putting you in the mindset of explaining yourself.

I like to use this with smiling. I often use this with all women I meet.

It’s no wonder why they tell me, “Why don’t you smile?”

How would you respond to that? Here’s what you say my handsome friend.

“Give me something to smile about.” And you remain indifferent. Hold your frame.

Don’t say anything, pause and let the tension build. Why? Because when women see that you don’t smile that often but you do on rare occasions, damn bro, I’m speaking from experience, they feel like they worked for your happiness.

And it makes them happy because states are contagious.

Walk Slow and Relaxed - Higher Status Nonverbal Communication

Walk Slow and Relaxed

Here’s where I’m going to talk about competing in that fitness competition.

When I competed and I walked across the stage, I heard sooo many people cheer when I raised my hands.

And I figured this out early on…

People are attracted to those that walk slow and relaxed. 

Why are they attracted?

Because walking fast looks anxious. Walking slow communicates that you are comfortable. 

Lower status walking is high anxiety. Higher status walking is when you’re calm and composed.

I learned through walking on the stage that this is how the most successful people in the world actually walk.

I felt fucking phenomenal. HUGE a-ha moment after competing. That is to walk slow and relaxed.

I changed up how I walked since that day and when I catch myself walking fast, I will stop and tell myself, “bro, don’t look like a spaz.” Jokes aside, you should do this too.

I want you to be self-paced, consciously notice how you walk, don’t overthink it.

Just walk with purpose and slow-it-down.

If you’re late, I still want you to walk slow. Why? When you’re fidgeting, fast, looking spazzy, you look like you’re too damn stressed. That is lower status.

How about you own the fact that you’re late. Just be like “I’m late, but I’m in a fucking GREAT mood.”

You will get a better response than if you are explaining yourself.

Look at the picture below, you’ll see how higher status people walk.

It’s slow, it’s controlled, and it’s self-paced. 

Matching and Mirroring - Higher Status Nonverbal Communication

Matching and Mirroring

We are getting in to some advanced tactics that can make you MUCH more effective with women!

So my dude, please write this down. Seriously, WRITE IT DOWN!

When people are in deep rapport, they match and mirror each other’s body language. 

You will see this with couples. Just look at a couple that are totally in love.

They match and mimic each other’s body language when they are invested in the interaction.

Now to be clear, you can also use this to have influence over people.

So if you want to get a woman’s phone number, you’ll find that using this will increase your chances.

However, you want her attracted and invested in the interaction first.

All you do is you mimic her body language.

This is evil shit because it works. I got a lot of numbers doing this!

Higher Status Mindset - Higher Status Nonverbal Communication

Higher Status Mindset

There is something so sexy about having a higher status mindset. Because when you put yourself in this frame of mind, you come in to every interaction with a woman and everything falls in to place.

So many people misunderstand being higher status with having material items and chasing cars, girls, and money. But that just puts you in a lower status mindset.

Stop chasing money, cars, women, and thinking material items make you higher status. If you think that you have to make more money, then you chase it away. If you think you need women to be happy, you won’t attract them. This is the biggest misconception of being higher status. That’s short term happiness brother.

I honestly know this from experience, the times you’re TRULY possess a higher status mindset is when you have healthy interpretation awareness and you are calm under pressure maintaining your composure. 

That is how to develop a higher status mindset. When you’re calm under pressure, you are able to stay on your inner balance point. When you have healthy interpretation awareness, your body language, smirking, vocal volume all translates in to a positive resourceful vibe to your presence and you walk with swagger.

I don’t think I can stress this enough. Wait, let me rephrase that, you MUST have a higher status mindset, I cannot think of anything more important. Your perception on yourself determines your path, direction, and purpose. 

A lot of people have a lower status mindset with no purpose. My friend, if you have no path, purpose and direction, you won’t look higher status. And you can’t buy it either as I already said. Be the man you are meant to be. I want you to have a higher status mindset.

This hack is the last hack because this is how you become higher status long-term. When you are higher status long term, you’re just a higher status man at default. 

In result, women can read your higher status nonverbal communication and they will see that you’re the Alpha Male they want and doesn’t need validation and material fake shit that everyone thinks is actually higher status.

When you think you are higher status, you become higher status. It reflects in your sub-communications. And it is highly attractive. So start saying to yourself “I am higher status at all times.” Because you are.

Higher Status Nonverbal Communication


There’s a lot to be said about becoming higher status, however, you now know that it’s not all about money.

It is a false status signal. Especially if you didn’t work for that money yourself. Women will respect you less. Your honest signals are body language, eye contact and vocal tonality.

Let me tell you something, if you can hit a woman’s attraction hot switches in her brain, you can earn $500 a month and she will still get attracted to you.

Don’t let society fool you. Status can be demonstrated through resources, however, it’s when you try to show it off where you look like a dancing monkey and trying to impress her.

I want you to test out all of these hacks in your social life. You’ll see that they work. I’ll tell you from experience, my results were always the best when I stopped giving value to memorizing lines and I just used these hacks I have shared with you.

One more tip I want to suggest to you, watch these characters and you’ll notice how high status they are:

  • James Bond
  • Hank Moody from Californication
  • Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries
  • Don Draper
  • Russell Brand – Get Him To The Greek

Those are five characters to watch and learn from. They demonstrate higher status nonverbal communication effortlessly. It’s extremely beneficial to know and see the examples in motion. Then you can model them 😉

I appreciate you going through my breakdown of higher status nonverbal communication. You can follow me on Instagram and Tik-Tok.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I’ll see you legends next time!


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