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7 Reason’s Why Asshole’s Get Girls but Can’t Keep Them


7 Reason’s Why Asshole’s Get Girls but Can’t Keep Them

You are about to find out seven reason's why asshole's get girls, however, I want to add a MASSIVE caveat, asshole's cannot keep women. In fact, they will lead women on and make false promises. This is a small but very important reason to start out with.

So, let me say something before I even give you some of the attractive qualities of asshole's and that is they are extremely manipulative and never really make good on their promises. 

It's the first and most important reason I don't want you trying to be something you are not. Most guys think being something you're not is how to get girls.

Quite the contrary my friend, women see right through this. How can they tell? It's because you are trying to change who you are and if you do this, you will be tested. 

I want to say that again because most of you will broadly misinterpret this and become frame freaks.


This is called incongruence. It basically means that you are not authentic. Not to mention you look like you are faking it.

Asshole's Get Girls Because They Follow Their Own Lead

Assholes get girls because they are self-entitled

I'd say this is the most important and obvious reason that asshole's are highly attractive. This is a golden rule of mine I've followed for years myself, and this is also why some people already call me an asshole.

That's okay my friend. Think what you want. Labels are fables. And you'd be wise to not be so sensitive to what people say about you. So, I will encourage you to follow this attractive trait.

Check this out, did you know that there is a scientific reason why women are attracted to assholes? Read this article. From the website Coffee Meets Bagel.

Women want to see that you are not easily influenced by authorities. Take that to the bank and cash the check. I'll tell you a quick story about this...

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How I Was An Asshole At a Bar

Asshole's get girls because they are not afraid of social pressure and confrontation

Year's ago it was my 24th birthday and this was when I started realizing how powerful PUSH is, it was when I was out with friends and as I started giving women less of my attention that they actually wanted to talk to me.

Then it hit me, I realized fast that when you ignore women, they look at you more. My friend pointed out to me that I got the green light. I told my friend Ian, "how about if we just hangout man?"

I followed what Mystery Method calls IODs and that stands for Indicators of Disinterest.

Then she looked over at me really fucking fast, we talked and I lost interest in continuing the interaction.

"Hey Adam, please take my number."

Easy peasy.

Women prefer you to be non-needy.

This was the catalyst as to how I discovered the power of PUSH. 

And why it works to attract women. It's obvious to me why women like it...

They want your approval when you push them away.

 Asshole's Aren't Afraid to Touch Women

Years ago, I had a previous partner that watched this show and I won't lie, this show looked stupid as I don't like Soap Opera's.

However, I want you to play this clip, and you'll see how Damon Salvatore initiates kino touch.

You see, even though I don't really care to watch this TV show anymore, I saw how many women found this asshole attractive.

So do me a favor and watch this clip of Damon and how he gets Elena turned on. 

It's extremely important that you don't forget how powerful flirting with your eyes is.

This TV character has game, and if you were smart, you'd watch this show for learning asshole game.

Even though I know you are rolling your eyes thinking, "that show is like Twilight, I don't want to watch it."

Go ahead man, don't watch it. You'll never really learn why so many women secretly like it when you can be an asshole.

Asshole's Get Girls but Alpha Males Can Keep Them

Here's why women are pulled towards asshole's, it's because they have Alpha Male qualities. However, as I stated earlier, you don't want to be incongruent.

It's best that you OWN that you can be an asshole (sometimes). Don't be a genuine asshole. Why? Because women often sleep with assholes but they have what is called Buyer's Remorse.

This often happens before sex, but can happen after sex as well. I've heard this from many women that talk about why they regret having sex with guys.

Alpha Males are what women REALLY want. The thing is assholes have qualities of an Alpha Male.

It's because deep down they know he is just a fucking dick and a fuck boy. In the dating field, we call this guy "Chad." XD

Captain of the football team. "How come assholes yank that girl I want? What gives Adam?"

My friend, here's the key on one of the reasons assholes yank girls when they said they'd never sleep with one...

Assholes Get Girls Because They're Bold

Make bold moves to take risks. It's attractive and it is an asshole characteristic. Napoleon Bonaparte once said that "history is like a woman, she favors the bold."

How I act bold myself is I often go out in a public place and I start exercising in places that are not a gym. Think of it like social discomfort, I'll simply do bold things in public. 

Try this out my friend, whistle really loud in Target, Wal-Mart, or any mall with a lot of people around you. That is bold and do it in a way where you are carefree.

Meaning stop giving a rats ass about what other people think. Another asshole quality is not giving two shits. Be bold my friend. Women look at that as you don't care.

And it turns them on. How many beta-males do you see taking risks? You don't see it because they just want to be friendly, agreeable and they are nervous to speak up.

Reminds me of RSD Hot Seat, this program I watched. Try this out man, the man, the legend Tyler Durden had all of his students do this. "HEY! I'M IN YOUR HEAD" XD

Asshole's Get Girls Because They Do What They Want

Assholes do whatever the hell they want and as I said, they don't give a flying fuck. They are highly confident and they are not afraid to do anything.

That means assholes are often socially fearless. Do you know how fucking attractive being socially fearless is? It is one of the most attractive qualities of any human being.

Heck, I like it when a woman does whatever the hell she wants. Most people respect you when they do whatever the hell they want. So my friend, start being willing to do whatever you want.

That will turn you in to a more attractive person. Guaranteed. Don't deprive yourself of being socially fearless.

Asshole's Have The Strongest Frame Ever

Assholes get girls because they have a powerful masculine frame

Do you often meet a guy that has a very strong presence and you don't question him? This is frame control in full effect.

Frame is the underlying meaning of all interactions. Often assholes get girls because they naturally possess a strong frame.

Because assholes get girls, often they are VERY convincing in their own reality. They often don't care if they offend people. They will offend people because as I said, they are socially fearless.

If there is one quality of an asshole you must emulate, that is being socially fearless. In that sense, assholes get girls because rejection is laughable to them.

When asshole's are rejected, their reaction is more like, "You are fucking stupid that you'd reject me." And they walk it off extremely fast, they get over rejection effortlessly.

Again, another overlap quality of an asshole and an Alpha Male. If you read my book, you'll overcome rejection easily.

In Become The Alpha Women Want, I also give a FRAME CONTROL MASTERCLASS.

It's such a deep concept that I spend a lot of time talking about it, so buy that book to learn more.

Assholes Get Girls Because They Are Assertive

This ties in to frame control as this is an obvious reason why assholes are unattractive. Often women mistake domineering and overbearing energy for strength. And this is why asshole game can be taken to the extreme quite easily.

And this is where I think asshole game only goes so far because if you try to be too assertive, you end up becoming a true genuine asshole, and that is why assholes cannot keep women. 

Their energy is so fucking overbearing that their assertiveness overwhelms girls and then girls try to fix the asshole and turn them around in to a good guy.

And that is the glaring reason why I don't encourage too much asshole game because if you lean too far in to assertiveness combined with a strong masculine frame, on top of touching women when they don't want it, turns out that girls find out you're just a fucking asshole with no compassion.

That is why Alpha Males have social calibration. They are bold, have a strong frame, and have a masculine mindset, but they know how to watch their assertiveness. 

There must be balance my friend. Too much of using these qualities, girls will not stay with men that push this too far.

Assholes Are Not To Be Fucked With

This is the seventh reason, so here's what I'll say here, that is genuine assholes are like psycho-paths when girls cross their boundaries.

Social calibration my friend, this is why I said assholes cannot keep women. If a woman crosses a boundary, they often respond with combative energy and try to control women way too much.

Then women feel trapped in a relationship with an asshole that they though was strong, but in reality, he's just a genuine asshole. You must know how to set boundaries with no malicious intent.

Often assholes set boundaries with passive aggressiveness and it looks insecure. So my friend, if a woman crosses a boundary with you, start setting healthy boundaries with no negative passive aggressive energy.

I want you to learn these qualities of an asshole but know how to use it properly. Don't ever become a genuine asshole.

Alpha Male's Own That They Can Be an Asshole (Sometimes)

You can be an asshole (but just own it). The reason why is because when you try to fake it, women see right through it. I'd rather you own the fact you're an asshole.

Often I would bump in to girls at the bar and I would say, "you have a beef with me?" They would call me an ass.

Then I would say, "You're EXACTLY right." Hold my frame and not flinch and look at them dead in the eyes.

This is an example of how you can own it. Often I'll put my girlfriend in her place if she makes unnecessary comments.

"Do me a favor and let me know that you're about to act up because I have no problem putting you in your place. You've been acting like trouble."

Then she get's turned on and says, "what are you going to do about it?"

I will often say, "You have those handcuffs right? Find them before I come over later." Being sexually assertive is a form of reward and punishment.

No strong independent women will ever say this to you, but they secretly like it when you can be MASCULINE in the sheets.

Be that asshole but do it in a kinky way, and know how to calibrate it accordingly. Remember this my friend, Alpha Males aren't assholes just to be an asshole.

In fact, Alpha Males are good guys but if you cross a boundary, you are fucked with a capital FUCKED. Often, Alpha Males have no problem dropping women that don't add value to their life.

Common Questions

So many guys don't understand why asshole's get girls, but often you'll find that immature girls want a true asshole. Years ago, I was with an Italian woman, she genuinely wanted me to act like a twisted person.

She's now out of my life. So let's answer a few questions that I'm sure are buzzing in your head...

"How do assholes get girls?"

By being self-entitled and never thinking of others and have a strong, dominant, assertive frame.

Assholes attract girls because of their power in the world. Funny enough, I've met assholes that are kinda cool.

So don't ride them off entirely unless if they are a genuine asshole.

"How do I become one?"

Here's what you do, just think of yourself. Be more self-entitled and stop caring of other people's opinions.

Start giving less fucks. Work that IDGAF muscle. Ask yourself, "how can I give less fucks?"

Then you're halfway there. However, don't be incongruent. Most assholes can be incongruent.

Become an Alpha Male instead. It's harder, but women will want to stay with you.

"Why do Alpha Males keep women?"

It's because they have the women's best interests in mind.

They are more congruent and their words and actions aren't mismatched.

Alpha males know how to set healthy boundaries. Assholes set boundaries with passive aggressiveness.

Alpha males are also clear with their intentions. Assholes have no problem just hitting it and quitting it.

Assholes use women and they can be cold just for the sake of being cold.

Alpha males also have more compassion than assholes. They aren't passive aggressive.

Lastly, alpha males have more honor than asshole's and they are also not to be fucked with.

7 Reason's Why Asshole's Get Girls: Bottom Line

The conclusion we can come to is being an Alpha Male is what you want to learn because asshole's cannot keep women. The fine line between assholes and alpha males is they both are self-entitled but the asshole often manipulates and uses women.

This is why women do like assholes because they have a strong reality and they aren't to be trifled with. However, you never want to take your power to the extreme and become a genuine asshole. 

Genuine assholes disagree with people and they rude and cruel things just for the hell of it. And they don't even take in to consideration other people's feelings.

Compassionate assholes like me are often looking out for the betterment of humanity. I have no problem calling women out on their bullshit if they act rude. 

And most guys are afraid to do this. I strongly encourage you to follow your fears and become more bold. That in my opinion is the obvious and most attractive quality of an asshole.

If you're looking to become the alpha male that women want, I strongly encourage you to check out my book because it's only ten dollars and 100% worth your time for you to read.

You'll learn fast what alpha male characteristics are and there are tasks for you to do that improves your frame.

Feel comfortable to comment below any questions you have.


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