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7 Alpha Male Affirmations to Develop Masculinity


Today’s article is about alpha male affirmations and how to use them the right way to develop a masculine mindset in which you are feeling like a fucking legend, more importantly, you are self-validated.

This article is designed to get you to use affirmations properly, as so many people have a ‘Fixed Mindset’ on affirmations. To be blunt and completely straightforward with you, it’s because you say it with ZERO certainty and emotion.

Let’s say I ask you to say, “I am an Alpha Male.” You’d probably think to yourself, “Adam stop blowing smoke up my ass, I have no confidence, no certainty, and I hardly feel like I am enough.”

Well there’s a problem with that brother. You gotta actually FEEL the intention behind the affirmation. See, this is why people say affirmations don’t work.

It’s because they have zero belief its true for them. Do you see how this is a problem? Do you see how we have to start out with your mindset on affirmations? 

Address Why You Can’t Believe It

Address Why You Can't Believe It

Serious question for you my friend, why on earth are you doubting the power of alpha male affirmations? You see, I’ve help several guys to get more confidence and masculinity by simply sending them confidence affirmations for free.

And they at least have the fucking balls to listen to it with an open mind. I’m not here to convince you. I’m here to get you to see that several people have reported alpha male affirmations to work. 

Just look throughout history, there are millionaire and billionaires that have used affirmations successfully. Here’s the thing brother, you gotta stop these self-fulfilling prophecies.

When you wonder why something isn’t working, it’s not the affirmations themselves, its the energy behind it that the powerful contains. I want you to address why you can’t believe it first and foremost before we down to business.

Because if you want this to work, you gotta get clear on what the reason is on why you are insecure. Because that right there is why it doesn’t work. It’s because you are insecure. You’ve got to get yourself in a good state of mind my friend.

Your State Matters To Get Success

Your State Matters To Get Success

Get yourself in the right state brother. It deems to be repeated. This is critical to achieving success my friend.

I want you to succeed so really take this in to consideration, your state of mind before I give you the Alpha Male Affirmations.

Just to give you a peak behind the curtain, every time I use affirmations, I read it but then I say it out loud.

Much like NLP modeling, these affirmations are more for confidence and increasing masculinity.

And you’ll find that even HealthLine says that you can make affirmations for effective if you are still skeptical. [R]

So let’s get in to the affirmations, shall we? This is meant for you to recite over and over.

In case you haven’t noticed, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between true and false, right and wrong.

So you are going to notice that these affirmations clear and specific, which activates the RAS.

Reticular activation system. Let’s start out with confidence.

I Am Confident and Certain in Myself

I Am Confident and Certain in Myself

Say this statement and feel it my friend. Don’t just have zero belief. As I said, you’ve gotta have belief. Without it, you might as well stop reading this article.

Because this won’t work. If you feel nothing when you’re saying them, you won’t get the results I want you to get.

Just make this simple my friend, say it in a good, confident state of mind. Let’s move on to the next Alpha Male Affirmation.

I Radiate Masculine Power

I Radiate Masculine Power

This alpha male affirmation is designed to get you in touch with that masculine heart that you have beating in your chest.

In this day and age when men are losing sight of their masculine instincts, this affirmation is more critical than ever for you to recite over and over.

Do this my friend, feel the affirmation and say it with certainty. Be in a good state when you say it!

Don’t ever say affirmations when you are down in the dumps and you aren’t in a good sate.

I Embody Masculine Energy

I Embody Masculine Energy

This powerful alpha male affirmation is guaranteed to increase masculinity. It is essential that you say this with emotion.

Without emotion, all of these affirmations are useless. Haven’t you seem a pattern by now?

This requires full self-belief, full confidence, complete certainty. That is how you say affirmations correctly.

If you think about it, the more you recite these powerful Alpha Male affirmations, the better your life will improve.

I Follow My Masculine Purpose

I Follow My Masculine Purpose

Nothing is more masculine than following your purpose my friend. You’ve gotta get clear on your missions.

Without missions, it’s likely you get bored. You’ll start treating your body like shit.

Then you feel sorry for yourself for letting yourself go. Do this my friend, say this affirmation. 

All men lead lives of quiet desperation and this Alpha Male affirmation is essential to say out loud with belief!

Be in a good state, just a reminder that you must be in state when saying this one particularly!

I Do Not Allow Myself to Think Negative Thoughts

Think Negative Thoughts

That goes without saying a masculine mindset does not think negative thoughts. Being a man on his purpose and following his own lead, on top of embodying masculine energy, this may be the most important one to give you a positive attitude.

You gotta release all thoughts that no longer serve you brother. Release all negativity. Although I recently wrote about a healthy ego, be mindful how cunning the ego is, sometimes you really gotta let go of the ego.

Only then will you truly reach higher levels of consciousness and feel the affirmation effectively. Always find a way to think more positive thoughts my friend, this is extremely important.

I Am A Man of High Value

I Am A Man of High Value
Alpha Male affirmations

This one is huge brother, you must believe you are high value, even if you have to fake it until you make it. Don’t neglect this Alpha Male affirmation brother.

Because you must emulate this affirmation. All women love a man of high value. So this affirmation can and will work on your confidence and masculinity. 

Do yourself the favor of using this affirmation frequently. Recite this over and over. Because you are high value my handsome friend. Be kind to yourself!

I Am In Control of My Own Reality

I Am In Control of My Own Reality
Alpha Male affirmations

All about frame control right here my friend. If you’ve read my books you will know that this concept is very deep, however, let it be said that this Alpha Male affirmation will give you the confidence to be in control of your own world.

When you are in control of your own reality, you are an Alpha Male. This affirmation is critical to say out loud with belief. It will give you the frame of an Alpha Male.

You’ll start becoming more relaxed, calm, cool, chill, and reserved. Because a strong frame as you know is calm and chill. So say this one to get the FRAME of an Alpha Male!

I want to give you a bonus Alpha Male affirmation my friend…

I Am A Man of My Own Word

I Am A Man of My Own Word

This is the last and the most important Alpha Male affirmation as all men know that they must hold true to their own promises.

There’s nothing more masculine than holding true to your own word. That’s why Elite men take integrity so damn seriously.

Brother, this one is fucking critical, overlook this affirmation, and it’s going to inhibit your progress.

Do yourself the favor of saying this one a lot. I mean A LOT! This is what makes men honorable and trustworthy.

By regularly doing these Alpha Male affirmations, you will program your mind to dominate life my friend, so don’t overlook or skip any of these affirmations!

The Final Verdict

Brother, you gotta recite these affirmations when you are in state and feeling good. Say these affirmations with emotion.

The more you do this, the more you will develop your masculinity. There is nothing more masculine than staying true to your own promises. 

Remember that this article will be one of my most spiritual one yet because affirmations are widely used by many spiritual teachers. As I said earlier my friend, affirmations have been used for centuries.

It’s how you say it that matters and the underlying meaning and energy behind the delivery. Here’s how I want you to use these affirmations:

  • Write them on post-it notes
  • Put them on your mirror where you see it every day
  • Or use a vision board with pins
  • Read it when you wake up
  • Say them out loud

This is how to use affirmations properly. And you will see results, that is if you are fucking relentless and you just don’t do it for one week and call it quits.

You gotta have the balls to push through to say these Alpha Male affirmations frequently. With that said thank you for reading this article all the way through.

Feel comfortable to comment below and share this with a friend. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask down below.


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