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5 INSANELY Powerful Cold Reads Guaranteed to Get Women Wet


5 INSANELY Powerful Cold Reads Guaranteed to Get Women Wet

Today's topic is going to be cold reads to get women wet and why they are so fucking powerful to build insanely high attraction and investment. 

To be clear, this right here is my favorite part of seduction, because it's such a fun and awesome way to turn women on. 

And it's really not hard to do due to the fact that when you talk to women regularly, you just cold read them at default.

So let me start out this article with a story of the very first podcast I recorded..

Cold Reading Field Report

We were both talking about sex and why people are uncomfortable talking about it. 

It led to a conversation about how being comfortable is top priority prior to any seduction. And then I told her what I wanted to do to her through cold reading...

"I know that when you visualize your ideal partner, you see a man that can take charge in all of the ways you want him to and take you through this freeing sexual experience where you can let go and be fully in your feminine energy."

Here’s what I did, I actively stated what she is looking for in a man. This is cold reading, in my case, I told her how she wants a man to lead in the bedroom.

Again, I'd like you to find my VERY first podcast I ever released, you'll hear this in real time. Look for How To Comfortably Talk About Sex.

I'm going to give you cold reads to get women wet. However, I'd love for you to watch this video from Marni, fucking legend in the dating and seduction field.

Why Cold Reading is Extremely Powerful for Seduction

Here's why cold reading works so fucking well with women. It's because it puts you in the driver's seat of the interaction. 

It puts you in the masculine power position. It makes you look perceptive. It makes you look bold. 

Essentially, in my own words, you are living in the CAUSE. You aren't living in the effect. You are steadfast in your own reality. 

You communicate that you are such a charmingly handsome stud that can describe women's ideal fantasies without them having to say a word. 

Fucking awesome, right? So let me tell you a little bit about me before proceeding.

Cold Reading is My Specialty

Not to brag, but I have an entire manual full of seductive cold reads that I have tested out in the field, and I'll tell you what...

They fucking work more than anything, it's truly one of the most efficient ways to build fast attraction. 

Some of the cold reads to get women wet I'm going to give you today are unreleased, and some of them are fucking evil because it just works THAT DAMN GOOD.

So let's get started, shall we? These are unreleased cold reads to get women wet guaranteed. 

You might notice something about these cold reads, they have some NLP in it. Let me be more clear...

This is called Pacing and Leading Her Ongoing Reality.

Pacing Her Ongoing Reality

"It seems like you have a normal job and you are probably pretty chill about it, obviously it's written all over your face. I can tell that part of you wants more, more deeper, and even more richer experiences than what you're doing right now."

You are communicating that you know her so fucking well 😉

Do you see why this positions you as a bold motherfucking badass? 

What guy does this? Hardly any. Let's take this to the next level...

Don't Imagine This...

"Honestly, I don't want you to imagine how good it's going to feel when I trace the tips of my strong fingers inside your hips. Don't picture just how free and exciting it's going to feel. Don't imagine that we start kissing and when it happens, it's going to feel like its fireworks, its literally going to take your breath away. Damn, it's hot in here, I'm gonna take a dump."

The beauty of this monologue is when you say "don't imagine how good it's going to feel."

All women will start thinking about it. Drop this on a high note. You are cold reading what most women want in bed, getting descriptive with it.

Damn, good shit right here brother.

Challenge Her Sexual Prowess

This one is fucking EVIL. You'll notice that this is also in my book Closer's Guide to Seduction but in different words. 

To be clear, I'd rather you have the right vibe and relaxed confidence, and slow down your voice properly, have a seductive tone. 

Don't have a harsh tone like how I sound on my podcast sometimes. Be comfortable in yourself. In fact listen to this podcast, you'll hear the right tonality you must have.

First say this to her, "Can you stop being so damn cute? You obviously seem like a naughty girl. You should know... I'm not that easy."

Cold read that she's a naughty girl. Good shit. Now it is time to make a general but not-so-true statement about how she's not that great in bed...

"You know it honestly wouldn't matter anyways, cute brunette girls are like starfish in bed."

She's going to punch you on the arm my friend, that is if you do this correctly. 

"ME? No you are bad in bed You're like a starfish, you're boring." 

Then banter back, "Nah, I'm way too much for you to handle, I'd have to teach you the ropes and get you to a higher level of sexual skills. You cannot handle me sexually."

Hold your frame, give her a slight squint like you know something she doesn't.

You Don't Need a Man

FUCK bro, I love this one. It's damn good. It leverages how all woman have a masculine side. 

And you cold read that, fucking epic. You gotta use this one, I cannot think of any better cold read on this whole article...

"You obviously seem like a very strong woman. I can just tell. You don't need a man to take care of you, but deep down, when it comes to having fun, passionate sex, you obviously want a man to take charge and pins you up against the wall, look in to your eyes unapologetically, and take the sexual lead confidently."

Definitely put this one in your back pocket brother. To be clear, you MUST use all of these cold reads with social calibration.

The Sassy Cold Read

Here's something you must remember, and this really comes from experience brother. When women act sassy, mean, and being sharp, she is horny.

If you see a woman look around the bar, scanning the room, has open body language, she looks at your sexy self, SHE WANTS YOU. 

Remember that. Women want you. Think that at all times.

"You seem kinda sassy, aren't you slightly frustrated with most men acting like little boys?"

Drop that one. Believe me, it works. Even better if she calls you "mean."

You must physically escalate like a fucking man that is polarizing in his masculinity.


This is a rule of thumb that you must remember. Most women are fed up with men that CANNOT escalate properly. 

So say this to her!

"You gotta stop acting sassy, I can tell that you are just dying for a new adventure."

Take the sexual lead assertively.

The Final Verdict

Brother, you've got to remember that virtually all of these cold reads when done properly will fucking make women wet guaranteed. 

Bold promise? Yes. I know it is. 

However, I am coming to you from reference experiences. 

For example, you have no idea how much women are turned on when they say to you, "You're mean."

It's because they like it when you can use your assertiveness in your sexuality. They want you to fucking be a MAN. 

The final verdict is that you must use these cold reads to get women wet all the time, that is when they WANT TO BE SEDUCED. 

Meaning they are on that emotional high point. Never forget that. One quick note on sexual tension, remember this rule...

NEVER get in the way of tension. Most guys are scared of it. You gotta embrace it. Be a man, escalate, and if you want to take your game further...

Check out my book Closer's Guide to Seduction. It touches upon even MORE ways to seduce women. 

Feel free to comment below any takeaways. I'd love to hear from my readers.

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