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3 Polarizing Ways to Seduce Women


There are so many powerful ways to seduce women, however, I’ve narrowed this down to three very effective and polarizing ways that you can seduce women.

So before we even start out, this may be one of those articles that you’ve found on seduction that GUARANTEES same night lays. Yes my friend, all three of these polarizing ways are that damn powerful.

In fact, as I always say even on my podcast, you must have good intentions, because the way I am introducing each way to seduce women is indeed very effective.

With that said, I must address something…

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Get in The Right State of Mind

Get in The Right State of Mind

“When you’re in your head, you’re dead.” -Tony Robbins

This may be the most important tip I can give you in this article. If you aren’t in a state of mind that’s attractive, nothing in this article will work for you.

I hear an objection coming from a mile away, “Adam, you said flirting in a higher status way can work but it didn’t work!

BRO. Let me be brutally honest with you, seduction doesn’t happen when women pick up on your needy vibe. They can pick up on it more than what you think.

This is why even though I give you lines to use in my other articles, none of that shit works when you have shitty line delivery and she picks up on the fact that you just want to get your dick wet.

That means you gotta get in a good state of mind. Go through this article as I give you ways to elevate your state. Let’s move on…

Master Having Laid Back Body Language

Master Having Laid Back Body Language

My friend, this one is huge. I’d argue that in order to seduce women, having submissive body language can and will cause women to close down and decline having sex with you.

Learn to be comfortable in your own sexuality. When you are uncomfortable, you will make her uncomfortable via the law of state transference. Be laid back brother, it communicates confidence.

No woman likes a man that has an ounce of insecurity. Bold confidence is what you want. Especially if you want to seduce the hottest of the hot. Women look at your body language more than what you think.

It shows them if you are fuck-worthy or not. I just made that word up, and I don’t give a fuck. 

That’s also key too my friend. I don’t want you to give a literal fuck if sex happens or not. Don’t shut down and guard yourself. Especially if she declines as a means to test your strength.

Really when she says, “I don’t want to have sex tonight.”

What that says is you telegraphed too much interest. You gotta learn how to pass tests. Honestly, I have no time to go in to the weeds on passing shit tests, I’ll save that for another article.

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You Don’t Even Want To Know Eye’s

You have no idea what this communicates to women, it sub-communicates that you know something she doesn’t.

I’ve had people say, “Adam this just seems weird, it’s like you’re an actor.”

My response to you the reader, THIS IS MY FUCKING DARK SIDE.

This is also one of the HOTTEST ways to charm women fast. Do not under-estimate the power of eye contact.

I get in to my masculine energy before seducing women. Look in to my fucking eyes towards the very end.

And you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Use You’re “EYES” to Show INTENT.

Even if you are in a bar where shit is getting hot and heavy, you gotta lean in and whisper in her ear if there is loud music.

Obviously, the only time this is applicable is if she is comfortable with you leaning in and you brush her hair…

“You don’t even wanna know what I’m thinking about doing to you right now.”

Then give her a good deep tension glance. Takeaway your attention after that my friend, you’ll have good results.

Don’t ever second guess yourself when you do this. Hold your frame, that means maintain good eye contact.

I recommend you go through higher status nonverbal communication article for maximum results.

Now that I covered the three most important aspects to each polarizing method I’m giving you, let us begin with a story on why what I’m going to teach you works…

Hot Sex Story 😉

Hot Sex Story

It was 10PM at night, I had to work at 11:30 so I challenged myself…

Can I seduce her in a classy high status way where it’s passionate and put some emotion in to it?

I looked at her with pure desire and I said, “Turn up the volume of the movie babe.”

She complied, this is key, a woman must follow her man’s lead for her to get highly attracted

I looked at her with pure desire and said, “you’re eyes are so sexy.” As I put her hair behind her ears.

She said, “Can you kiss me?”

I said to her, “Not yet, I’m not going to kiss you, I want to look in your eyes.”

I touch her lower back and we looked at each other for a little longer and then I start kissing her passionately then I pulled back and said, “Let’s go babe.” 

She said, “You want to have sex?” I looked at her seductively and took off her clothes.

I went down on her and made her cum extremely hard, how can I tell?

It’s obvious, the way she twitches her body, I said, “Babe was it clit or vaginal orgasm?”  

She replied, “Both. Give me a minute babe that was a lot.”

So I sat down, saw the time, it’s getting closer for me to leave for work.

She said, “Can I go down on you?” Then I said, “Sure you can.” 

After this, you can tell where this went from here. I made her climax in every position my friend.

How can I tell? I hear it in the way she moans. I’ve gotten to know how she moans. It’s hot, like REALLY hot.

Have you ever had a girlfriend where you just have amazing sex because you are THERE with her in the moment?

I seduced her and I am going to give you three very powerful ways to seduce women.

Look At The World As Your Personal Bedroom

Look At The World As Your Personal Bedroom


Brother, this may be the single most important tip to seducing women.

You came to this article because you want to learn seduction. Awesome. I’m happy for you.

The number one key to mastering seduction my friend, you must not have a taker vibe or mentality, women don’t like that.

Never try to get sex. Try less to get sex. Then it gets thrown at you faster.

But know that deep down in the back of your mind, you can seduce anyone. 

Literally ANYONE.

This must be sub-communicated as if you verbalize sexual intent, it screws it all up. 

When my unreleased book comes out which is Six Hidden Boxes of Seduction, I even take this important mindset farther.

But the most important point to seduce women is to have the confidence (in your mind) that you can seduce all women.

What’s communicated when you have that kind of confidence is you can look at the whole world through the seducer’s mindset.

The key point is you eliminate your ego, keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, and just know that you are a seducer deep down.

Do you want to be seduced by women? Or become the seducer? I’d say I think I know your answer 😉

The mindset comes first my friend, without the seducer’s mindset, you might as well stop trying to seduce women.

Because most men cannot do this the right way, they mistake this for being impatient for sex. Stop that shit today.

Powerful Masculine Frame

Powerful Masculine Frame

If there is one all important principle that all fuck boys have that is having a powerful, masculine frame.

To be clear, most guys don’t do this. They don’t like getting physical because it makes them nervous.

In case you didn’t know this brother, if you REALLY want to turn women on and get her craving sex, you must use touch.

Playfully push her away and give her little hip bumps, also give women bear hugs, then physically push her away PLAYFULLY.

Be the physical guy brother. I’m telling you this is huge! Don’t be nervous to do this.

When its time to seduce her, women love it when you can get PHYSICAL.

This is a powerful masculine frame in full effect. An Alpha Male quality indeed. 

Here’s why this works my friend…

Being bland and normal from the start will often put you in the friend zone.

The relationship won’t be sexual. If you wait too long to touch her, it can make her feel uncomfortable.

But when you show that you’re not afraid to go there from the beginning, it tells her everything she needs to know.

I want you to seduce her with your Alpha Male presence.

But I will say, if this makes you nervous, take baby steps. You gotta learn to use touch. 

Touch from the start will show her what your intentions are, and obviously, you calibrate touch with when she wants it.

My friend, touch is an essential tool of seduction, so use this as it’s very polarizing when you get PHYSICAL during the seduction.

Evil Cold Read That Always Works

Evil Cold Read That Always Works

Listen up my friend! True story, I sent this cold read to my buddy and he reported it back to me how unfair it is and how well it worked.

I say this is evil because this is truly one of the most polarizing ways to seduce women as you’ll hear it for yourself. I’ll link the podcast in this article.

You can check out the podcast on Spotify or SoundCloud, doesn’t matter. You are guaranteed to spike your close rate!

Evil cold reading is unfair cold reading, it works so damn well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself when you use it.

In the episode you’ll hear a success story, so I strongly urge you to listen to the episode in its entirety to hear the cold read.

I describe why cold reading works, what it does in the female mind, and how you can use it tonight. 

Cultivate Unpredictability

Cultivate Unpredictability

Did I just go above and beyond? Of course I did 🙂

Brother, you’ve gotta cultivate unpredictability. Use physical push/pull. Create feelings of discontent.

I tip my hat to the book Art of Seduction on that one.

Get her on her toes, keep her guessing your next move. Classic fuck boy move. Your welcome.

Let’s bring everything together where you can understand everything to its entirety. 

  1. Get in the right state of mind
  2. Master having laid back body language
  3. You don’t even want to know eyes

All of that combined, you are a man that is polarizing in his masculinity. And of course you are using every way to seduce women I hope? You better be taking action brother!

In case you didn’t know this my friend, 80% of girls want to be fucked harder, deeper, more aggressively by unapologetic Alpha Male’s. Check out my first book on mastering Alpha Game.

But the other 20% still like it, however, they like the tender lovey-dovey sex just a little more. 

When you use unpredictability, you surprise her with dominant assertive energy, but then you slow down and just look in to her eyes with pure raw unfiltered emotion. Damn, that’s hot.

The Bottom Line

Seduce Women

You’ve gotta incorporate each polarizing method my friend. Especially if you don’t want women to view you as a friend.

This is critical man, master each one, you’ll turn on most women. I genuinely mean that.

I encourage you to get my recently released book here to learn how to close women on the level of sexual tension.

Here’s what I cover:

  • -How To Radiate Masculine Power
  • -Female Psychology Masterclass
  • -Understanding Attraction
  • -Ten Deadly Routines For Same Night Lays
  • -Sex God Method to Master Sexual Performance

And many more!

Feel comfortable to comment below my friend, if you have any questions or concerns regarding seduction, I will do my best to respond to every comment.





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