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3 Attractive Hobbies You Can Learn That Women Go Crazy For!


It is time to learn about attractive hobbies that women go crazy for, and in fact, each hobby is highly attractive. I strongly encourage you to consider doing all three, however, just focus on the one you relate to the most.

I'm going to start out with a hobby that I have been in to for 22 years, as throughout the years, I've played in bands throughout my life, and honestly, even though the drums (in my opinion) is the hardest to learn...

You can still learn any instrument and get in to a band. For example, one of my good friends Mike that I've known for years, he is now the guitar player of the band Lonewolf on Spotify. Go check them out.

Learn To Play an Instrument

This is my tribute to an underrated band (in my opinion) called Epica. I don't think enough people know about these guys. In fact, the drummer in this band is in my opinion, a fucking battery.

Even though I could have been in Mike's band, it's all good, we parted ways peacefully. I honestly focus too much on my purpose of writing my third book, so it's no worries. 

Aside from that, I encourage you to learn an instrument. Any instrument, it can be the drums, it can be the bass guitar, heck you can learn the flute (but its honestly, that's not THAT manly) XD

In my opinion, this is the most attractive on this whole list. I've met a lot and I mean A LOT of famous musicians in my life, just go through this article, you see me with Lauren Hart touring with Kamelot.

More importantly, if you are a musician and you've stumbled across this article (cause you're a fucking legend) I encourage you to check out my buddies accessories here.

The jewelry gives you that bad boy edge and it's highly masculine, you gotta check it out as every ring is fucking badass. Be sure to find the ring that goes with your personality and means something to you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

One of the attractive hobbies you can learn is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it helps with confidence and masculinity. 

This is hands down the most MASCULINE hobby on this whole list, even though learning how to play an instrument is definitely high value, I encourage all men get in to this grappling combat sport.

To be clear, I've only attended a few (to be  completely honest) however, I felt better that I got out the energy I've had built up in my own body.

And this is going to humble you like crazy. Even though it's the most masculine hobby, it will for sure get women attracted to you but I don't encourage you tell women, "I'm attending BJJ."

Because if you come from a place of bragging, it doesn't work my friend. With women, it's about the subtleties. You gotta let the truth come out in its own time.

More importantly, the reason for including this as one of the most attractive hobbies is because this sport will improve your frame.

What is frame control? Well if you've read my work, you know what this is. If you haven't read my work, frame is the underlying context of all interactions. A strong frame is highly attractive.

That doesn't mean you can't improve your frame if this combative sport scares the hell out of you. Obviously, I saved the best for last brother, so stay tuned.

However, I encourage you to listen to this podcast with my friend Mike Nova from The Courageous Man. You'll learn why this sport is so damn masculine and how it will humble you.

And even though I am a beginner in BJJ, I still go back because I know the value in defending yourself. One thing I want to make clear, put your ego aside when attending these classes. Or you will get hurt, I'm dead fucking serious.

More importantly, there is nothing more attractive when you can protect the ones you love from harm. If you have the courage, sign up for BJJ right now.

An average BJJ gym will cost between $100 to $150 a month, that is the only downside, however, it's 100% worth it to build up your frame and harden the fuck up.

Comment below if you've taken courageous action to learn this humbling sport, I want to hear from my readers!

Teach One of Your Attractive Hobbies

I know you have hobbies my friend. Think of how you can teach it. Do you enjoy dancing? Then teach women how to dance.

Do you enjoy swimming? Then teach women how to swim. Do you enjoy rock climbing? Teach women how to rock climb.

If you play video games, teach a woman you are seeing how to play video games.

Heck I enjoy ghost hunting, I've taught women how to run a digital recorder. 

More importantly, I encourage you to think of a hobby that you have. This puts you in the masculine power position. And it REALLY turns women on!

My friend, this is what works. For whatever reason, women get super turned on when you teach them something that they've never known about.

You can even teach them how to play an instrument which I have done MANY times. But this is more about you.

Just think of how you can teach your hobbies brother, I'm telling you, this right here gets STRONG ATTRACTION.

Reader Question

This article is more of a reader question to you, and that is for YOU to think of your hobbies. Because, really, I can give you about 50 more hobbies that women find attractive, but that would overwhelm you and I just want you to focus on one thing at a time.


"What are your top three hobbies of all time if you had to narrow it down?"

I know I gave you three ways to enhance attractiveness and look higher value in the eyes of women, but this is about you.

My friend, you've gotta get clarity on YOUR hobbies. Because without getting clarity, then you'll probably want to do too many things at once and that will just overwhelm you.

Pick three hobbies my friend. Because this is the key to think about what hobbies you can teach to women.  

The Final Verdict

You can tell that there are many ways to show women attractive hobbies, however, you gotta convey, don't say.

This is the number one tip I can give you, because just saying, "Hey I play the guitar, you should see the sick solo's I can do."

No brother, do yourself the favor of being more subtle, let your natural talent come through without having to prove it.

This is the one mistake a lot of guys make, they try to say it out loud, then it goes south. 

The final verdict is for you to write down your hobbies and let women see you in your natural habitat.

That means you are in the zone, you are focused, you are playing your instrument, when she tries to get your attention..

You are so fucking focused that she can't even get YOUR attention. SFA.  I don't think I ever even mentioned what that means.

 SFA stands for super fucking attractive. You're welcome. 

Feel comfortable to comment below how much you've got women to go CRAZY for you after reading this article 😉

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